Tiziano Rotesi

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Photo of Tiziano Rotesi

Tiziano is an applied microeconomist, with a primary focus on political economy. He is interested in the mechanisms that guide how individuals interpret data, form beliefs, and evaluate policies. In his research, he has studied the impact of narratives on the public discourse, racial discrimination and political preferences, as well as how to improve upon the existing methodologies for accurately measuring these narratives from text. Through experiments, he has investigated how information propagates in networks and assessed the suitability of a smartphone app for economic experiments against conventional laboratory settings. Much of his research requires original data collection, including sources like newspapers and social media, and extends to both laboratory and field experiments. In terms of methods, his expertise lies in reduced-form econometrics and text analysis. Tiziano earned his PhD in Economics from Bocconi University. Before joining Brown University with a joint appointment at the Population Studies and Training Center and at the Data Science Institute, he was based at the University of Lausanne.

Selected Publications:

Esposito, E., Rotesi, T., Saia, A., & Thoenig, M. “Reconciliation narratives: The birth of a nation after the us civil war.” American Economic Review (2023).

Pin, P., Rotesi, T. “App-based experiments.” Journal of Economic Psychology (2023).

Bokemper, S. E., Cucciniello, M., Rotesi, T., Pin, P., Malik, A. A., Willebrand, K., ... & Melegaro, A. “Experimental evidence that changing beliefs about mask efficacy and social norms increase mask wearing for COVID-19 risk reduction: Results from the United States and Italy.” PLoS ONE (2021).

Scholarly Interests

Political Economy, History, Discrimination, Media, Networks, Experiments, Narratives, Attitudes toward immigration