Yingyue Jiang

Predoctoral Trainee in Sociology
Photo of Yingyue Jiang

Yingyue Jiang earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China, and received her MS in Social Policy & Data Analytics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2023. During her graduate studies, she worked as a research assistant at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, where she participated in conducting randomized controlled trials to compare different interventions supporting cancer patients. She was in charge of reaching out to cancer patients and managing data collection and analysis. Her main research interests are in family demography, gender, and health. Yingyue had the chance to learn and write about the topics surrounding income and housework distribution within couples, marriage and income, and child gender preference in her previous coursework, and she is interested in using different quantitative methods to explore the mechanisms underlying people’s behavior and thoughts. 

In her free time, Yingyue enjoys running, hiking, and traveling to different cities and countries. 

Scholarly Interests

Gender; Family; Health and Wellness; Demography; Social Policy

Affiliated Departments

Department of Sociology