Ambassador Program

2015 Ambassador Class: Click Photo for Details2015 Ambassador Class: Click Photo for DetailsThe 2015 Ambassador Class
Back Row (L-R): Brenda Mercure, Ginelle Lang, Phoebe Hall, Penina Posner, Ashley Lundh, Alexandra Braunstein, Terese Reynolds, Jeanne Carhart, Kayla Bashore, Susan Silveira, Brooke Bedingfield, Margaret Laston, Anne Turgeon, Edward Goll, Cheryl Moan, Anita Nester, Courtney Coelho, Lisa Brown, Liz Boynton 

Front Row (L-R): Pamela DeSimone, David Andrade, Kate Duggan, Susan Ely, John Remka, Matt Kimberlin

Ambassador Program

As of September 1, 2015 the University Ambassador Program will be on hiatus. Learning and Development will be devoting resources to other new programs.

Have you wondered what it takes to make Brown University operate? Would you like to be more involved and connected to the University? If so, you might be interested in the Brown University Ambassador program, an exciting endeavor that provides "behind the scenes" exposure to the entire


Program Description

During the course of the twelve month program, Ambassadors will learn about the functional purpose of academic and non-academic areas in an interesting and enjoyable format. Each month the full or half day session will include presentations, activities, and tours.

For example, during one session, Ambassadors will connect with Brown's distinguished faculty and hear about 'a day in the life' of a Brown faculty member. Participants will learn about the evolution of Brown's unique curriculum, why our faculty are so passionate about their work, and visit some of the newest and hottest academic departments, centers and multi-disciplinary programs at Brown. They'll create their own GISP (Group Independent Study Program) curriculum; utilize Banner in a real-time setting; and eventually sit in on a course of their choice.
At the conclusion of the program, Ambassadors will be asked to serve as resource guides to students, staff and faculty. They will also be encouraged to explore opportunities to become engaged in the Brown community.

Finally, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to participate in professional development activities as they learn more about the career opportunities that exist at the University. During graduation, they will present their goals for their continued professional development. 


Developed from a recommendation from the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC), the goals of the Ambassador Program are to:

  • Expose staff/ faculty to both the big picture and intricacies of how the University operates
  • Provide participants with a clearer understanding of the value of their role within the University
  • Provide staff/ faculty an opportunity to become more involved and connected to the University
  • Foster increased and enhanced communication across departments and divisions
  • Leverage fresh perspectives in generating new ideas and solutions for the University
  • Serve as a form of staff recognition
  • Promote employee retention


The Ambassador program is open to staff at all levels that work 67% time or greater and have completed their probationary period. The program is also open to regular faculty.

The Ambassador Program will be on a hiatus beginning September 1, 2015.