Built in 1965, Barus & Holley, a 220,000 sf, 7 story building, houses the School of Engineering and the Physics Department. It includes 117 laboratories, 150 offices, 15 classrooms, 29 laboratory classrooms, and 3 lecture halls. The building’s infrastructure remains largely un-renovated and operates at maximum capacity. Prince Laboratory, built in 1962, is a two-story brick and concrete building that provides room for research, a machine shop, a wind tunnel and offices.

Phase 1 of the Barus & Holley | Prince Laboratory Infrastructure Upgrade included the replacement of original infrastructure that addresses the critical needs of these two buildings and extends the capability of both to support their current use and occupants for the foreseeable future. Original infrastructure replaced included a new fire alarm system, rehabilitation/renovation of the elevators; converting the ventilation system to 100% outside air; replacement of the chiller plant and cooling towers; replacement of the electrical switchgear and the installation of a new heat exchanger.

The project was executed using Integrated Project Delivery method (IPD). IPD is a relatively new project delivery approach used across the United States and Canada and this project is the first project at Brown to use this delivery method.

The project received the 2014 Building Project of the Year Award for Renovation/Modernization from the NE Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America.