The Custodial Services Division of Facilities Management is responsible for the safe and effective cleaning of buildings on the Brown Campus. These buildings include research, residential, academic, administrative, support and athletic space.

Parquet Floor

The Custodial Services Division responds to the needs of its customers via work orders, special and emergency requests.

The Custodial Service Division services the University currently 5 days per week 24 hours per day. The Campus is divided among eight supervisors to allow for a reasonable response time to customers needs.


Moves and event set-ups are also part of the Custodial functions at Brown. Employees respond to large and small moves and set-ups through the use of the work order system.

Some services require special licenses and certificates, such as Pest Control, Water and Mold Remediation, Window Washing. These requests are handled by only approved vendors that are under contract with the Purchasing Department at Brown.

All requests for Custodial Services should be placed through the work order system to ensure a fast and efficient response.

Change in Custodial Services