The turnover phase is the transition from construction or renovation to occupancy and use. Turnover activities, such as the Building Equipment Data sheet, start during design and are updated throughout the construction and commissioning phases. All information required to support operations and maintenance is submitted prior to substantial completion. At that time, the University accepts the completed project from the contractor and formally assumes the responsibilities of maintenance, security and insurance.

At substantial completion, review and approval of actual work in place is complete and the final punch list is issued. This review and approval is conducted by many of the same individuals who were involved in the design, construction and commissioning phases. The final punch list requires a formal sign-off by Brown, the project architect and engineers. Substantial completion also marks the beginning of the warranty period and typically lasts for a minimum of one year. 

During occupancy of the building, the turnover process continues with the completion of all remaining punch list items, seasonal commissioning and monthly close out meetings with major stakeholders. In addition, turnover includes integration into the Facilities Management Partnership Program, a cooperative effort between building occupants and FM to assure the continued care of buildings.