The School of Professional Studies (SPS) and its executive education programs are in a period of robust growth. To meet the needs of its rapidly growing programs, Brown is leasing 50,000 square feet for 15 years as part of a major development project by Wexford Science & Technology in Providence’s Jewelry District. Known as the Innovation Center, the new building is 191,000 square feet, and Brown occupies part of the 4th floor and all of the 5th floor. The building’s location at 225 Dyer Street is diagonally across from SPS’s former location at 200 Dyer Street. The School of Professional Studies' growth and participation in the Wexford Innovation project fulfill goals set in Brown’s strategic plan, Building on Distinction.

The new space provides exemplary classroom and conference facilities, support and encourage the growing SPS staff, and facilitate advancement of digital teaching and learning for the University. The design imagines the classroom of the future as a catalyst for connection, creation and collaboration that will benefit students, faculty, Brown, and Providence.

This project was completed in August 2019.

School of Professional Studies (2019)