Brown University contracts with ARI to manage the maintenance of University owned vehicles. The program is part of the University’s efforts to ensure all Brown owned vehicles are maintained properly, meet safety standards, and ensure vehicle repair budgets are used wisely.

Policy Statement 

Every University vehicle will have an ARI Maintenance number assigned to it.

  • All vehicle maintenance will be charged each month to their respected departments.
  • ARI tracks vehicle repairs to ensure routine maintenance is performed and vehicle warranties are honored.
  • ARI certified mechanics provide a second opinion on vehicle repairs to ensure the repair is necessary and appropriate.


Departments with vehicles are required to pick-up ARI Maintenance booklets from the Fleet Maintenance Manager.

Departments are responsible for reviewing their monthly maintenance charges on the ARI InSights website and checking that against their cost center expenditure reports for those charges. Should there be any changes in the status of the department vehicle(s) please contact the Fleet Manager.


ARI and Brown have contracted with Fleet Masters, located at 9 Hylestead St., Providence, to provide regular maintenance and repairs. Repair costs are controlled because Brown and ARI have pre-negotiated labor rates and discounts on parts and tires.

Every University vehicle will have an ARI Maintenance number assigned to it. All vehicle maintenance will be charged to the unique number associated to their department vehicle. Monthly, ARI will provide to Brown detailed maintenance reports on each vehicle. Departments will be able to view the detail of vehicle maintenance on the ARI InSights website. Vehicle maintenance expenses will be charged to departments monthly.

When vehicle service is required, the department responsible for the vehicle calls Fleet Masters to schedule an appointment. Fleet Masters will call ARI for approval when any repair estimate is over $75. ARI will review the estimate, enter the repair data into the maintenance record of the vehicle and approve the work. If there is a question as to the need for the repair, ARI will contact Brown’s Fleet Manager, Matthew Force. Should the vehicle or the repair be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, ARI will direct Fleet Masters to send the vehicle to the nearest dealer.

ARI will call Brown’s Fleet Manager when any repair estimate exceeds $750. The Fleet Manager will contact the department to discuss the repair.