Updated October 2021


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Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete Project Manager
Angell Street 164 Cafe conversion to bookstore Design 1/31/2022 Shirley Ng
Annmary Brown Memorial Library Exterior renewal and crypt dehumidification Design 8/19/2022 Jessica Galatro
Barus + Holley Install public art (Hirst's "Earth Air Fire and Water") Design 1/31/2022 Shirley Ng
Barus + Holley Lobby fire code upgrades Design 1/28/2022 Shirley Ng
BioMed Center Emergency distribution Design 9/1/2022 Yi Vizard
BioMed CARE Suite CARE suite renovations (rms 341, 343, 347) Construction 9/24/2021 Jessica Galatro
BioMed GG Green metal roof upgrade Construction 6/30/2022 Paul Griffin
Bowen Street 181 Brown to Brown - 181 Bowen Street house construction Design 3/11/2022 Raymond Bourcier
Brook Street 248-254 Brook Street Residence Halls Design 8/17/2023 Richard Jackson
Brown Stadium Stadium Track resurfacing Planning TBD Andrew Mayes
Brown/RISD Catholic Center Brown/RISD Catholic Center Construction 10/29/2021 Paul Griffin
Campus Exterior paint allowance Construction 6/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus Minor masonry allowance Construction 6/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus Parking lot allowance Construction 6/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus Pathway allowance Construction 6/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus STUDY : Center for Artistic Design & Production (BAI) new shop facility Planning 1/31/2022 Paul Griffin
Campus ADA allowance Design 6/30/2022 Shirley Ng
Campus Public art renewal allowance Request 10/31/2021 Shirley Ng
Campus Fit-out for academic new hire offices Construction 8/16/2022 Yi Vizard
Campus Area Coordinator apartments renovations and office space (Residential Life hires) Construction 11/30/2021 Yi Vizard
Campus Energy conservation and GHG reduction projects Request 3/1/2023 Yi Vizard
Campus/Multiple Fumehood allowance Construction 1/31/2022 Andrew Mayes
Campus /Multiple Lab Ventilation Management Program upgrades Design 4/1/2022 Andrew Mayes
Campus /Multiple Decarbonization Roadmap: Install HTHW meters for thermal load verification Construction 11/30/2021 Andrew Mayes
Campus /Multiple Decarbonization Roadmap: Heat exchanger replacements in preparation for lowering of CHP supply temperature Construction 11/15/2022 Andrew Mayes
Campus /Multiple Multi-building interior paint refresh Construction 12/30/2021 Gary Martins
Campus /Multiple Minor roof repair allowance Construction 6/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus /Multiple Classroom finish allowance Construction 6/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus /Multiple Meeting room hybrid AV Design 12/31/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Campus /Multiple Controller replacement allowance Construction 8/31/2022 Paul Griffin
Campus /Multiple Strobic fan replacement allowance Construction 12/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Campus /Multiple Fire escape inspection and repair Construction 12/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Campus /Multiple Replace domestic hot water heaters Construction 12/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Campus /Multiple Leak remediation in BMC, Marston Boathouse, Charlesfield Street 38 Request 6/30/2022 Shirley Ng
Campus /Multiple Energy efficiency charge recovery Request 6/30/2024 Yi Vizard
Campus /Multiple Miscellaneous minor work (Provost) Design 6/30/2022 Yi Vizard
Churchill House Churchill renovation and addition Design 8/1/2023 Joanna Saltonstall
Faunce House Stuart Theatre interior renewal Design 1/21/2022 Raymond Bourcier
Geo-Chem Building Fumehood allowance Planning 12/31/2021 Andrew Mayes
Geo-Chem Building Lab prep for Chemistry new hire (Xian) 4th floor rooms plus cold room replacement Construction 8/31/2021 Jessica Galatro
Granoff Center for Creative Arts Solar blind repair Design 11/5/2021 Raymond Bourcier
John Carter Brown Library Replace existing air handler units Construction 11/30/2021 Paul Griffin
John Hay Library Elevator & lift allowance Construction 11/30/2021 Raymond Bourcier
Lincoln Field Building Building renovation Construction 8/22/2022 Joanna Saltonstall
List Art Building Update HVAC system at Bell Gallery Design 7/31/2022 Jessica Galatro
MacMillan Hall DEEPS new hires Trace Metals Lab (Ibarra, Budde) Construction 4/1/2022 Jessica Galatro
Manning Hall Interior finish renewal at chapel Design 12/30/2022 Joanna Saltonstall
Meehan Auditorium Meehan Team Experience Phase 1 Construction 9/17/2021 Paul Griffin
Meehan Auditorium Core renewal exterior and HVAC upgrades Construction 11/5/2021 Paul Griffin
Nelson Fitness Center and Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center Domestic hot water tank replacement Construction 10/31/2021 Raymond Bourcier
Olney Margolies Athletic Center Upgrade electrical service Construction 10/29/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Page-Robinson Hall Selective interior finishes Design 12/30/2022 Joanna Saltonstall
Performing Arts Center Performing Arts Center Construction 11/14/2022 Matt Cate
Pizzitola Sports Center Replace kalwall Design 9/1/2022 Yi Vizard
Rhode Island Hall Repair tunnel leaks Construction 4/1/2022 Gary Martins
Rockefeller Library Racial Justice study center (Rms 224,266,227) Planning 1/1/2022 Yi Vizard
Sayles Hall Update air handling unit controls Design 6/30/2022 Jessica Galatro
Sharpe Refectory Repaint stained ceiling areas Construction 1/15/2022 Gary Martins
Sharpe Refectory Roof repairs Construction 12/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Ship Street 070 Cooling tower and HVAC upgrades Design 12/31/2021 Jessica Galatro
Ship Street 070 Boiler replacement Design 11/30/2021 Raymond Bourcier
Ship Street 070 High priority envelope repairs Construction 8/31/2022 Yi Vizard
Slater Hall Replace remaining emergency district generator Design 9/30/2022 Andrew Mayes
University Hall Mitigate water intrusions Construction 11/1/2021 Gary Martins
Utilities/Infrastructure Utility systems renewal and upgrade Phase 6 Design 6/30/2022 Andrew Mayes
Vartan Gregorian Quad Chiller replacement Construction 10/15/2021 Paul Griffin
Watson Center for Information Technology Breaker and key interlocks replacement Design 4/1/2022 Andrew Mayes
Watson Center for Information Technology Hybrid teaching classroom AV for CS Construction 1/14/2022 Jessica Galatro