Updated March 2020


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Facility Name

Project Title

Current Phase

Occupancy Complete / Completion Date

Project Manager/Planner

Barus & Holley New Hire (Toussaint) Rm 014 Construction 07/10/2020 Courtney McCracken
Barus & Holley Lobby Fire Code Upgrades Design 08/14/2020 Brian O'Connell
Barus & Holley Core Renewal Renovation Design 08/27/2021 Courtney McCracken
BioMed : GG New Hire Tissue Culture Room, BioMed GG Rm477 (Beura) Construction 04/27/2020 Jessica Galatro
Bio-Medical Center Isolation Cubicle Installations, Rm 416 & 004 (Fuxjager & Beura) Construction 04/30/2020 Jessica Galatro
Campus Campus Thermal Efficiency Project Construction 12/31/2020 David Larson
Campus Greenhouse Gas Reduction Construction 06/30/2021 Yi Vizard
Campus Decarbonization Roadmap Design 12/31/2020 David Larson
Carrie Tower Dome Level Work Design 05/15/2020 Jessica Galatro
Charlesfield Street 075-077 2nd Floor Updates & New Meeting/Training Room Construction 03/15/2020 Shirley Ng
Churchill House Emergency Ceiling Repairs Construction 07/31/2020 Raymond Bourcier
Dyer Street 200 CIS Consolidation & Workplace Enhancements Construction 07/31/2020 Joanna Saltonstall
Engineering Research Center Lab fit out for Fluids new hires (Zenit and Ault) Construction 06/12/2020 Courtney McCracken
Faunce House Emergency Transformer Replacement Design 05/18/2020 Raymond Bourcier
Faunce House Blue Room Cafe Study Planning 08/17/2020 Gary Martins
George Street 025 Relocate Political Theory Project Design 10/16/2020 Paul Griffin
John Hay Library Window Replacement - 3rd Floor Design 08/28/2020 Raymond Bourcier
John Hay Library Boiler Replacement Allowance Design 09/30/2020 Raymond Bourcier
Lincoln Field Building Building Renovation Design 06/15/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
List Art Building Charles Rosenthal Memorial Design 05/15/2020 Yi Vizard
List Art Building Update HVAC System at Bell Gallery Design 07/31/2020 Jessica Galatro
List Art Building Repairs at PVC Roof and Parapet Design 08/14/2020 Jessica Galatro
Littlefield Hall Residence Halls Renewal Design 08/14/2020 Paul Griffin
Macmillan Hall DEEPS New Hire - Class 100 Clean Room (101/102)Cosmic Chemist (Garrett) Planning 04/30/2021 Jessica Galatro
Marston Boathouse Marston Boathouse Renovations Phase 2 Design 02/01/2021 Courtney McCracken
Meehan Auditorium Meehan Team Experience Phase 1 Planning 08/01/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Metcalf Chemistry Lab CLPS New Hire Canine and Child Behavioral Research (Buchsbaum) Design 05/29/2020 Jessica Galatro
Minden Hall Residence Halls Renewal Design 08/14/2020 Paul Griffin
Multiple Minor Masonry Allowance FY20 Construction 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
Multiple Exterior Paint Allowance FY20 Construction 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
Multiple Classroom Finish Allowance FY20 Construction 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
Multiple Parking Lot Allowance FY20 Construction 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
Multiple Pathway Allowance FY20 Construction 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
Multiple Strobic Fan Replacement FY19 Allowance Construction 06/30/2020 Paul Griffin
Multiple Accessibility 'Gap' Projects Construction 07/31/2020 Brian O'Connell
Multiple Refresh bathroom finishes and fixtures Design 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
Multiple ADA Allowance FY20 Design 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
Multiple Partnership Allowance Request 06/30/2020 Gary Martins
New Pembroke Residence Halls Renewal Design 08/14/2020 Paul Griffin
Olney Margolies Athletic Center Women's Field Hockey Locker & Shared Wet Area Renovation (033B, 033A) Design 08/21/2020 John Cooke
Orwig Music Hall Fire Alarm Renewal Design 08/01/2021 Paul Griffin
Pembroke Hall Waterproofing and Paint Repairs Request 08/21/2020 John Cooke
Performing Arts Center New Performing Arts Center Construction 03/01/2022 John Cooke
Pizzitola Sports Center Upgrades to Basketball Lockers and Coaches Offices Design 08/31/2020 John Cooke
Playing Fields Stevenson and Goldberger Turf Replacement Design 08/14/2020 Raymond Bourcier
Prince Engineering Lab DURIP Grant Site Prep, Shock Mechanics Facility, (113 B & C) Design 05/15/2020 Courtney McCracken
Richmond Street 222 4th Floor Shell Fit-Out Design 08/01/2020 Joanna Saltonstall
Salomon Center For Teaching Accessibility to Salomon Stage Planning 07/31/2020 Gary Martins
Sidney E. Frank Hall For Life Sciences Fire Alarm Upgrades Construction 06/26/2020 Courtney McCracken
Slater Hall Replace Remaining Emergency District Generator Design 08/31/2020 Courtney McCracken
South Main Street 121 COBRE grant Lab Renovation (Rm311) Design 07/15/2020 Raymond Bourcier
South Main Street 121 STUDY - Roof Replacement and Envelope Remediation Design 08/15/2020 Paul Griffin
Thayer St 271 Repurpose First Floor Design 08/15/2020 Paul Griffin
Waterman Street 085 DEEPS/IBES New Hire (Daniel Ibarra) Planning 04/30/2021 Jessica Galatro
Watson Center For Information Technology Short term expansion for CS Design 08/21/2020 Jessica Galatro
Wellness Student Residence Wellness Center/Residence Hall Construction 07/31/2021 Brian O'Connell