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Project Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete Project Manager
Andrews Hall Elevator Renewal Design 9/1/2023 Bourcier
Andrews House Cogut Institute renovations Design 8/30/2024 Ng
Annmary Brown Memorial Library Roof replacement Construction 8/18/2023 Galatro
Barus & Holley Design structural remediation Design 8/26/2023 Knowlton
Barus & Holley Kuehne wet lab Design 9/15/2023 Galatro
Barus & Holley Dean Desai lab space Design 9/15/2023 McCabe
Barus & Holley Barus & Holley Phase 3 renewal Design 8/29/2025 Mayes
Bio-Med Complex FP piping blow outs Construction 4/17/2023 Saltonstall
Bio-Medical: GG Green metal roof upgrade Construction 4/28/2023 Griffin
Bio-Medical: GG Exterior renewal Design 8/29/2025 Vizard
Brown Stadium Stadium track resurfacing Design 8/18/2023 Knowlton
Campus Irrigation controller replacements Construction 4/1/2023 McCabe
Campus Parking lot allowance Construction FY23-25 Martins
Campus Fence repairs allowance Construction FY23-25 Martins
Campus Exterior painting allowance Construction FY23-25 Martins
Campus Minor masonry allowance Construction FY23-25 Martins
Campus Minor roofing allowance Construction FY23-25 Martins
Campus Pathway allowance Construction FY23-25 Martins
Campus Sidewalks allowance Construction FY23-25 Martins
Campus Leaks allowance Construction FY23-25 McCabe
Campus BMS controllers allowance Construction FY23-25 McCabe
Campus HVAC controls Construction FY23-25 McCabe
Campus New memorial benches Design 6/30/2023 Martins
Campus Fall protection allowance Design FY23-25 Mayes
Campus Fume hood allowance Construction FY23-25 Mayes
Campus Classroom allowance Design FY23-25 Vizard
Campus Utility systems renewal and upgrades Phase 7, project 6 Design FY23-25 Mayes
Campus Decarbonization roadmap Design 12/31/2039 Mayes
Central Heat Plant Fuel oil compressors Construction 6/30/2023 Mayes
Churchill House Renovation and ddition Construction 8/18/2023 Saltonstall
Corliss-Brackett ADA lift replacement Design 7/15/2023 Ng
Dyer Street 225 Surge lab space Construction 1/24/2024 McCabe
Fox Point Day Care Center Playground renewal and upgrades | Phase I Design 6/30/2023 Martins
Gardner House Chiller replacement Design 5/12/2023 Bourcier
Geo-Chem Building DEEPS Lau lab Construction 4/3/2023 Vizard
Geo-Chem Building Envelope core renewal Design FY23-25 Knowlton
Geo-Chem Building Sprague-Klein lab Design 9/15/2023 Galatro
Geo-Chem Building New Hire - Chemistry (Yusong Bai) physical chemist Design 9/15/2023 Galatro
Geo-Chem Building Fumehood allowance Construction 12/29/2023 Mayes
Graduate Center Residence hall renewal Design 8/11/2023 Griffin
John Carter Brown Library Accessible west entry Construction 5/5/2023 Saltonstall
John Carter Brown Library Office & meeting space upgrades Construction 6/30/2023 McCabe
John Hay Library Conservation lab renovation Design 8/18/2023 Bourcier
John Hay Library Window replacement Design 9/22/2023 Bourcier
John Hay LIbrary Building exterior restoration and repairs Design 6/30/2025 McCabe
Lacrosse Soccer Facility Develop branding graphics for CLS Design 5/26/2023 Saltonstall
MacMillan Hall Cobb lab renovation Construction 6/30/2023 Galatro
MacMillan Hall DEEPS Cooperdock lab renovation Design 10/3/2023 McCabe
Medical Research Lab Kizer lab Design 10/3/2023 McCabe
Metcalf Hall Replace domestic hot water storage tanks Design 3/31/2023 Bourcier
Miller Hall Replace domestic hot water Design 3/31/2023 Bourcier
Multiple MRI chiller and bypass loop Construction 3/24/2023 Griffin
Multiple Modern Culture & Media near term Improvements at 155 George & 135 Thayer Construction 4/14/2023 Martins
Multiple Boiler replacement allowance Construction FY23-25 Bourcier
Multiple Demand response generator updates and recertification Construction 5/31/2023 Griffin
Multiple Strobic fan replacement allowance Construction 6/30/2023 Knowlton
Multiple Classroom finish allowance Construction 6/30/2023 Martins
Multiple OIT classroom IT improvements Design 6/30/2023 Martins
Multiple Heat exchanger replacements Construction 10/2/2023 Mayes
Multiple Fire alarm panels Design 8/15/2025 McCabe
Multiple ADA Gap projects Design FY23-25 Vizard
New Pembroke Residence hall renewal Construction 8/16/2023 Griffin
Olney Margolies Athletic Center OMAC roof snow removal Construction 4/30/2023 McCabe
Park Lane 010 RTU replacement Construction 3/31/2023 McCabe
Power Street 080 80 Power Street | Brown to Brown renovation Design 6/30/2023 Martins
Power Street Parking Garage Structural assessments - 4 Locations Construction 5/1/2023 Vizard
Prince Engineering Lab Caretta lab Construction 7/28/2023 Galatro
Residence Halls Summer 2023 air conditioners in residence hall Design 8/31/2023 McCabe
Richmond Street 233 Relocate tenants from 233 Richmond Street Design 4/30/2024 Ciavarro
Sharpe Refectory Loading dock replacement Construction 3/29/2023 McCabe
Sharpe Refectory Allergen free kitchen Design 8/31/2023 Griffin
Sharpe Refectory Kosher meat & dairy kitchens Construction 9/1/2023 Griffin
Ship Street 070 BioMed helium recovery system Construction 4/28/2023 McCabe
Ship Street 070 Cooling tower refresh Construction 4/30/2023 Galatro
South Main Street 121 Fire Alarm/Protection/Egress investigation Design 4/28/2023 Bourcier
South Main Street 121 Replace air handling units Design 5/26/2023 Bourcier
The Lindemann Performing Arts Center Performing Arts Center construction Design 3/9/2023 Cate
Utilities/Infrastructure Utility systems renewal & upgrades Phase 7, projects 1 & 2 Construction FY23-25 Mayes
Vartan Gregorian Quad A Josiah's refresh & increase capacity Design 8/18/2023 Griffin
Verney-Woolley Hall CHW connection Design 7/31/2023 McCabe
Waterman Street 085 Relocate Stephen Porder from MM104 to 85W room 224 Construction 6/30/2023 McCabe
Waterman Street 085 DEEPS/APMA Genomics lab fit-out Design 9/15/2023 Knowlton
Watson Center for Information Technology OIT Data Center Phase 1 Construction 12/29/2023 Mayes
Watson Center for Information Technology Replace CRAC units & controls Design 12/29/2023 Mayes
Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs Atrium glass remediation Construction 4/28/2023 McCabe
William and Ami Danoff Hall Brook Street Residence Halls Construction 8/17/2023 Griffin
Wriston Quad Wriston Quad exterior repairs Design 8/13/2024 Griffin
Wriston Quad Wriston Quad electrical renewal Design 11/30/2024 Vizard