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Project Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete Project Manager
Alumnae Hall Panelboard Replacement Construction 01/06/2023 Vizard
Andrews House Renovation Design 08/30/2024 Ng
Annmary Brown Memorial Library Roof Replacement Construction 08/18/2023 Galatro
Barus & Holley Physics CME Bio Wet Lab (Kuehne) Design 08/18/2023 Galatro
Barus & Holley Design Structural Remediation Design 08/25/2023 Mayes
BioMed Center Various HVAC Issues Construction 12/30/2022 Griffin
Bio-Medical: GG Green Metal Roof Upgrade Construction 10/28/2022 Griffin
Brook Street 248-254 Brook Street Residence Halls Construction 08/17/2023 Griffin
Brown Stadium Stadium Track Resurfacing Design 08/16/2024 Mayes
Campus Parking Lot Allowance Construction 12/30/2022 Martins
Campus Energy Conservation and GHG Reduction Projects Construction 03/01/2023 Vizard
Campus New Hires|Offices & Expansion Space Construction 03/01/2023 Vizard
Campus Fence Repairs Construction 04/28/2023 Martins
Campus Exterior Painting Allowance Construction 06/30/2023 Martins
Campus Minor Masonry Allowance Construction 06/30/2023 Martins
Campus Minor Roofing Allowance Construction 06/30/2023 Martins
Campus Pathway Allowance Construction 06/30/2023 Martins
Campus Sidewalks Allowance Construction 06/30/2023 Martins
Campus Building Leaks Allowance Construction 06/30/2023 McCabe
Campus New Memorial Benches Design 06/30/2023 Martins
Campus Decarbonization Roadmap Design 12/31/2039 Mayes
Central Heat Plant Fuel Oil Compressors Design 03/31/2023 Mayes
Churchill House Renovation and Addition Construction 09/22/2023 Saltonstall
Corliss-Brackett House ADA Lift Replacement Design 03/15/2023 Ng
Dyer Street 225 Surge Lab Space Design 12/22/2023 McCabe
Engineering Research Center Fluids Lab Fit Up Construction 11/09/2022 Galatro
Engineering Research Center New SoE Dean|Lab Space (Desai) Design 05/01/2023 McCabe
Geo-Chem Building New Hire|Chemistry Organic Chemist (McDonald) Construction 12/09/2022 Galatro
Geo-Chem Building Fumehood Design 12/31/2022 Mayes
Geo-Chem Building New DEEPS Computational Hire (Lau) Design 04/03/2023 Vizard
Geo-Chem Building New Hires |Chemistry physical chemists (Sprague-Klein & Bai) Design 08/31/2023 Galatro
John Carter Brown Library Office & Meeting Space Upgrades Construction 11/18/2022 McCabe
John Carter Brown Library Accessible West Entry Construction 11/22/2022 Jackson
John Hay Library Window Replacement Design 09/22/2023 Bourcier
Lacrosse|Soccer Facility CLS Sprinkler Installation Construction 11/11/2022 Saltonstall
Lacrosse|Soccer Facility Ticket Booth Construction 12/02/2022 Saltonstall
MacMillan Hall DEEPS Trace Metals Lab Construction 11/04/2022 Galatro
MacMillan Hall IBES Director Wet Lab Renovation (Cobb) Design 06/30/2023 Galatro
Miller Hall Replace Domestic Hot Water Design 01/13/2023 Bourcier
Multiple Decarbonization|Heat Exchanger Replacements Construction 11/15/2022 Mayes
Multiple Boiler Replacement Allowance Construction 11/30/2022 Bourcier
Multiple Controller Replacement Allowance Construction 12/30/2022 Griffin
Multiple Fire Escape Inspection and Repair Construction 12/30/2022 Griffin
Multiple Strobic Fan Replacement Allowance Construction 12/30/2022 Griffin
Multiple Brown Dining Services Appliance Upgrades Construction 12/30/2022 McCabe
Multiple MRI Chiller & Bypass Loop Construction 01/31/2023 Griffin
Multiple Lab Ventilation Management Program Upgrades Design 03/01/2023 Mayes
Multiple Classroom Finish Construction 05/01/2023 Martins
Multiple ADA Gap Projects Design 08/30/2024 Vizard
New Pembroke Renewal Construction 08/16/2023 Griffin
Page-Robinson Hall OGE Move Phase II Design 01/20/2023 Vizard
Pizzitola Sports Center Replace Kalwall Construction 11/25/2022 Vizard
Pizzitola Sports Center Pizzitola Gymnasium Permanent AC Design 10/02/2023 McCabe
Prince Engineering Lab New Hire|School of Engineering Materials (Caretta) Design 08/31/2023 Galatro
Richmond Street 233 Integrated Life Sciences Building Construction Design 12/31/2026 Ciavarro
Rockefeller Library Racial Justice Resource Center Construction 11/25/2022 Vizard
Rockefeller Library Room 160 Subdivision Design 01/20/2023 Vizard
Sharpe Refectory Loading Dock Replacement Design 01/06/2023 McCabe
Sharpe Refectory Kosher Meat & Dairy Kitchens Design 05/05/2023 Griffin
Ship Street 070 BioMed Helium Recovery System Design 01/27/2023 Galatro
Ship Street 070 Cooling Tower Refresh Design 11/30/2023 Galatro
Slater Hall Replace Remaining Emergency District Generator Design 08/31/2023 Mayes
South Main Street 121 Student Space Improvements Construction 11/11/2022 McCabe
South Main Street 121 Replace Air Handling Units Design 05/26/2023 Bourcier
The Lindemann Performing Arts Center Construction Construction 03/09/2023 Cate
University Hall Provost Minor Repairs Construction 06/30/2023 Vizard
Utilities/Infrastructure Utility Systems Renewal & Upgrades Phase 7 | Project 1 & 2 Construction 08/12/2026 Mayes
Vartan Gregorian Quad A Josiah's Refresh & Increase Capacity Design 08/18/2023 Griffin
Verney-Woolley Hall CHW Connection Design 07/31/2023 McCabe
Waterman Street 085 Enabling|Relocate Stephen Porder to Room 224 Construction 11/30/2022 McCabe
Watson Center for Information Technology Breaker & Key Interlocks Replacement Construction 01/31/2023 Mayes
Watson Center for Information Technology OIT Data Center Phase 1 Design 12/29/2023 Mayes