Updated March 2021


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Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete Project Manager
Annmary Brown Memorial Library Exterior Renewal and Crypt Dehumidification Design 06/30/2021 Jessica Galatro
Barus & Holley Core Renewal Renovation Construction 04/30/2021 Andrew Mayes
Barus & Holley Refresh BH Auditorium 190 and Master of Arts in Design Engineering (MADE) Studio (Rms 114/114J) Design 06/25/2021 Shirley Ng
Barus & Holley Lobby Fire Code Upgrades Design 08/20/2021 Shirley Ng
Benevolent Street 022 Entrance and Exterior Remediation Construction 04/30/2021 Gary Martins
BioMed Center Chronic Leak Repair BioMed complex Design 08/20/2021 Shirley Ng
BioMed Center Emergency Distribution Planning 09/01/2021 Yi Vizard
Bio-Medical: GG Green Roof Upgrade Design 12/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Bowen Street 219 Emergency Boiler Replacement - 219 Bowen Design 05/31/2021 Raymond Bourcier
Brown Stadium Stadium Turf Renovation Design 09/03/2021 Andrew Mayes
Campus Fit-out Work for Academic New Hires Construction 04/15/2021 Gary Martins
Campus Rebecca Warren Sculpture, Public Art Loan Design 05/31/2021 Shirley Ng
Campus Irrigation Upgrades Request 06/30/2021 Operations FM
Campus Public Art Renewal Allowance Request 06/30/2021 Shirley Ng
Campus Triennial Campus Wide Structural Survey Design 10/01/2021 Yi Vizard
Campus Planon QR Signage Roll Out Planning 10/01/2021 Yi Vizard
Campus Brown Takes Care Banner Installation Construction 12/13/2021 Shirley Ng
Campus Fumehood Allowance Design 12/31/2021 Andrew Mayes
Campus ADA Allowance: Corliss Brackett Lift Planning 06/30/2022 Shirley Ng
Campus Decarbonization Roadmap Planning 12/31/2039 Andrew Mayes
Churchill House Churchill Upgrades - study Planning 03/31/2021 Yi Vizard
Engineering Research Center Glass Panel Evaluation and Replacement Construction 03/31/2021 John Cooke
Faculty Club Faculty Club Renewal Plan Construction 05/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Faunce House Signage & Plaque Allowance Planning 06/30/2021 Yi Vizard
Field, Goldberger Family Goldberger Turf Replacement Design 08/07/2021 Andrew Mayes
Geo-Chem Building Lab Prep for Chemistry New Hire (Xian) 4th floor rooms plus cold room replacement Construction 04/15/2021 Jessica Galatro
Geo-Chem Building DEEPS/IBES New Hire (Daniel Ibarra) - BrF5 Design 08/17/2021 Jessica Galatro
George Street 155 Slate Roof Replacement Design 08/16/2021 Gary Martins
Hope High School Update Library Information Commons Construction 03/29/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
John Carter Brown Library Leak Remediation (Rm208A and below) Design 04/30/2021 Mark DeVeau
John Carter Brown Library Replace existing air handler units Design 09/01/2021 Paul Griffin
John Hay Library Replace Liebert Unit Construction 03/26/2021 Raymond Bourcier
John Hay Library Repair Exterior Lighting Conduits Request 05/05/2021 Mark DeVeau
John Hay Library Replace Steam Coils Construction 05/31/2021 Operations FM
John Hay Library Elevator & Lift Allowance - John Hay Design 11/30/2021 Raymond Bourcier
List Art Building Repairs at PVC Roof and Parapet Construction 06/30/2021 Jessica Galatro
List Art Building Update HVAC System at Bell Gallery Design 07/31/2022 Jessica Galatro
Lyman Hall Replace specialty windows at Ashamu dance studio Design 09/01/2021 Paul Griffin
Macmillan Hall Main Breaker Replacement Construction 05/14/2021 Jessica Galatro
Macmillan Hall VFD Upgrades Construction 05/31/2021 Operations FM
Macmillan Hall Trace Metals Lab Enabling (Milliken) Design 07/31/2021 Jessica Galatro
Macmillan Hall DEEPS New Hires Trace Metals Lab (Ibarra, Budde) Design 04/01/2022 Jessica Galatro
Manning Hall Interior finish renewal at chapel Design 08/31/2021 Shirley Ng
Marston Boathouse Marston Boathouse Renovations Phase 2 Construction 04/30/2021 Shirley Ng
Meehan Auditorium Meehan Team Experience Phase 1 Construction 08/13/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Meehan Auditorium Core Renewal Exterior and HVAC Upgrades Construction 08/13/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Multiple Leak Investigation Allowance Construction 04/30/2021 Gary Martins
Multiple Healthy Fall 2020 - Dining Initiatives Construction 04/30/2021 Paul Griffin
Multiple Strobic Fan Replacement Allowance Construction 05/28/2021 Paul Griffin
Multiple Exterior Paint Allowance Construction 06/30/2021 Gary Martins
Multiple Minor Masonry Allowance Construction 06/30/2021 Gary Martins
Multiple Minor Roof Repair Allowance Construction 06/30/2021 Gary Martins
Multiple Parking Lot Allowance Construction 06/30/2021 Gary Martins
Multiple Multi-building Interior Paint Refresh Construction 06/30/2021 Gary Martins
Multiple ADA Allowance: Manning Chapel Design 06/30/2021 Shirley Ng
Multiple Healthy Fall - COVID Testing and Examination Facilities Construction 08/01/2021 Gary Martins
Multiple Healthy Fall 2020 - Classrooms Design 09/06/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Multiple ADA Allowance Design 12/22/2021 Shirley Ng
Multiple Controller Replacement Allowance Construction 12/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Multiple Lab Ventilation Management Program Upgrades Design 12/31/2021 Andrew Mayes
Multiple Miscellaneous Res Halls Renewal Construction 06/01/2022 Jay Sisson
Multiple Controller Replacement Allowance Construction 06/30/2022 Paul Griffin
Multiple Fall Protection Allowance Request 12/30/2022 Christian Cherau
Nelson Fitness Center And Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center Aquatics Teams Branding Construction 03/31/2021 John Cooke
Norwood House Expansion space for CSSJ & Africana Design 07/01/2021 Yi Vizard
Olney Margolies Athletic Center Upgrade Electrical Service Design 08/27/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Orwig Music Hall Fire Alarm Renewal Construction 08/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Page-Robinson Hall Selective Interior Finishes Design 08/20/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Pembroke Hall Paint water damaged areas Request 08/20/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Performing Arts Center Performing Arts Center Construction 11/01/2022 John Cooke
Rhode Island Hall Repair Tunnel Leaks Construction 04/30/2021 Gary Martins
Rockefeller Library Racial Justice Study Center (Rms 224,266,227) Design 08/13/2021 Yi Vizard
Salomon Center For Teaching Roof Repairs Design 08/31/2021 Yi Vizard
Sharpe Refectory New Furniture for Seating in Wriston and Thayer Alcoves Design 06/21/2021 Joanna Saltonstall
Sharpe Refectory Roof Repairs Design 09/01/2021 Paul Griffin
Ship Street 070 Cooling Tower and HVAC Upgrades Design 12/31/2021 Jessica Galatro
Ship Street 070 High Priority Envelope Repairs Design 12/31/2021 Yi Vizard
Slater Hall Replace Remaining Emergency District Generator Construction 12/31/2021 Paul Griffin
Utilities/Infrastructure Utility Systems Renewal and Upgrade Phase 6 Construction 12/31/2021 Andrew Mayes
Vartan Gregorian Quad Chiller Replacement Design 07/30/2021 Paul Griffin
Waterman Street 086 Window Replacement Design 08/31/2021 Raymond Bourcier
Waterman Street 094 Subdivide First Floor Office (Rm 104) Planning 07/01/2021 Yi Vizard
Watson Center For Information Technology Elevator and Lift Allowance CIT Construction 04/09/2021 Raymond Bourcier
Wellness Student Residence Wellness Center/Residence Hall Construction 05/01/2021 David LaPlante