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Project Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete Project Manager
Alumnae Hall OMAS Office Needs Construction 03/15/2024 Martins
Alumnae Hall Updates to Gate Space for Campus Life Construction 06/03/2024 Martins
Andrews Hall GRU Replacement (B44) Design 08/30/2024 Foskett
Andrews Hall Elevator Replacement Design 09/02/2024 Bourcier
Andrews House Cogut Institute Renovations Construction 08/30/2024 Ng
Arnold Lab Water Intrusion Mitigation Design 06/30/2024 Ferrara
Barus & Holley New Hire - SoE Dean Lab Space (Tejal Desai) Construction 03/01/2024 McCabe
Barus & Holley Enhancements to Room 122H (Narain) Construction 03/01/2024 Vizard
Barus & Holley Phase 3 Renewal Construction 08/29/2025 Jackson
Barus & Holley Student Space Renovation (010) Design 08/15/2024 Vizard
Barus & Holley Design structural remediation Design 12/27/2024 Mayes
Bio-Medical Center Flume Room Improvements Design 02/29/2024 Jackson
Brown Stadium Stadium Track Resurfacing Construction 06/28/2024 Bourcier
Brown Street 070 Cooling connection to CHW loop and remove old chiller and cooling tower Construction 09/01/2024 Vizard
Campus Exterior Painting Allowance Construction 06/30/2024 Martins
Campus Minor Masonry Allowance Construction 06/30/2024 Martins
Campus Minor Roofing Allowance Construction 06/30/2024 Martins
Campus Pathway Allowance Construction 06/30/2024 Martins
Campus Sidewalks Allowance (Non-Cap) Construction 06/30/2024 Martins
Campus Parking Lots Allowance (Non-Cap) Construction 06/30/2024 Martins
Campus Fall Protection Allowance (Non-Caps) Construction 06/30/2024 Jackson
Campus Event Space Allowance Construction 06/30/2024 Vizard
Campus New Hire Offices & Expansion Space FY24 Construction 07/01/2024 Vizard
Campus BMS Controllers Allowance (Non-Cap) Construction 06/30/2025 McCabe
Campus HVAC Controls Construction 06/30/2025 McCabe
Campus Utility Systems Renewal and Upgrades Phase 7 - Project 6 Construction 09/26/2025 McCabe
Campus Decarbonization Roadmap Construction 12/31/2039 McCabe
Campus Utility Systems Renewal and Upgrades Paseh 7 - Project 4 Design 06/30/2024 McCabe
Campus Misc. Minor Allowance Design 08/15/2024 Martins
Campus Design / Pre-Con: OIT Specialty Services Relocation Design 09/30/2024 Ferrara
Corliss-Brackett ADA Lift Replacement Construction 03/14/2024 Foskett
Davol Square 001 Haffenreffer Collections Research Center Design 09/01/2025 Ferrara
Meister Kavan Field Indoor Turf Facility Design 01/06/2026 Ferrara
Geo-Chem Building Geo-Chem PCHW & CA Renewal Design 06/28/2024 Jackson
Hemisphere Building CareerLAB Office Growth and Refresh Design 07/01/2024 Vizard
Jewelry District PILOT Street Abandonment (Elm & Richmond Streets) 2023 Design 07/31/2024 Galatro
John Hay Library Staff Space Modifications (222) Construction 02/23/2024 Bourcier
John Hay Library Conservation Lab Renovation Design 02/16/2024 Bourcier
John Hay Library Exterior Restoration and Repairs Design 06/30/2025 Foskett
Lacrosse Soccer Facility Temporary Exterior Pavilion Construction 03/21/2024 Foskett
Lloyd Avenue 295 Athletics Staff Growth Design 07/31/2024 Ferrara
Medical Research Lab New Hire - Chemistry Junior Organic (Kizer) Construction 02/23/2024 Jackson
Multiple Boiler Replacement Allowance Construction 02/29/2024 Bourcier
Multiple Core Renewal ADA Gap Projects Construction 08/30/2025 Vizard
Multiple Multiple Building Water Intrusion Preliminary Assessment Design 06/27/2025 McCabe
Multiple Fire Alarm Panels Design 06/30/2025 Foskett
New Pembroke Residence Hall Renewal Construction 08/16/2024 Griffin
Page-Robinson Hall Interior Renewal Design 08/31/2024 Ng
Pizzitola Sports Center 3rd Floor Golf Area Renovation (313) Construction 03/30/2024 Vizard
Richmond Street 233 Integrated Life Sciences Building (ILSB) Design 01/29/2027 Galatro
Richmond Street 300 ILSB Enabling - 300 Richmond 2nd floor renovation Construction 05/24/2024 Galatro
Rockefeller Library Interior Shell Renewal Construction 04/30/2025 Vizard
Rockefeller Library Building Envelope Assessment & Design Design 06/27/2025 Vizard
Ship Street 070 Window Shade Procurement and Installation Construction 02/29/2024 Galatro
Ship Street 070 Existing Fire Alarm System Survey and Assessment Construction 02/29/2024 Foskett
Ship Street 070 Envelope leak repair (Room #422) Construction 03/01/2024 Vizard
Ship Street 070 NMR Compressor installation Construction 03/15/2024 Galatro
Ship Street 070 Convert Existing Storage Rm to Freezer Farm Design 09/01/2024 Foskett
Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences 4th Floor Carney Institute Renovations Design 08/15/2024 Jackson
South Main Street 121 Replace air handling units/ per unit Aaon unit 2 (RT32) Design 04/26/2024 Bourcier
South Main Street 121 Fire Alarm/Protection/Egress Investigation Design 06/30/2024 Bourcier
South Main Street 121 Bus duct Design 08/30/2024 Bourcier
South Street Landing Transition to Hybrid Use Design 07/31/2024 Saltonstall
Utilities/Infrastructure Utility Systems Renewal & Upgrades Phase 7 - Project 1 & 2 Construction 09/16/2024 McCabe
Verney-Woolley Hall CHW Connection Design 06/27/2025 Foskett
Watson Center for Information Technology OIT Infrastructure Data Ctr Power & Cooling Design 04/30/2025 McCabe