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Project Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete Project Manager
Alumnae Hall Panelboard replacement Design 1/6/2023 Yi Vizard
Angell Street 164 Cafe conversion to bookstore Construction 8/22/2022 Shirley Ng
Annmary Brown Memorial Library Roof replacement Design 10/31/2022 Jessica Galatro
Barus & Holley Structural remediation Design 12/30/2022 Andrew Mayes
BioMed Center Emergency distribution Construction 7/31/2022 Yi Vizard
BioMed: GG Green Metal Roof upgrade Construction 8/5/2022 Paul Griffin
Brook Street 248-254 Brook Street Residence Halls Construction 8/17/2023 Richard Jackson
Campus Parking lot allowance Construction 12/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus Campus fence repairs Construction 12/30/2022 Gary Martins
Campus Dorm painting Planning 9/15/2022 Gary Martins
Campus New hire offices & expansion space Construction 9/30/2022 Yi Vizard
Campus Energy conservation and GHG reduction projects Construction 3/1/2023 Yi Vizard
Campus Center for Artistic Design & Production (BAI) new shop facility Planning 10/31/2024 Paul Griffin
Campus Haffenreffer relocation Planning 12/31/2024 Shirley Ng
Central Heat Plant Central Heat Plant fuel oil compressors Design 2/28/2023 Andrew Mayes
Churchill House Churchill renovation and addition Construction 8/31/2023 Joanna Saltonstall
Engineering Research Center Room 007: Addition of a second N2 generator Construction 8/1/2022 Robert McCabe
Engineering Research Center Coordinated drones lab fit up Construction 10/14/2022 Jessica Galatro
Engineering Research Center Fluids lab fit up Construction 11/9/2022 Jessica Galatro
Geo-Chem Building Organic chemistry new hire Design 11/30/2022 Jessica Galatro
Geo-Chem Building Fumehood allowance Design 12/31/2022 Andrew Mayes
Hemisphere Building Accessible entry improvements Design 8/30/2022 Yi Vizard
John Carter Brown Library Replace existing air handler units Construction 7/29/2022 Paul Griffin
John Carter Brown Library Office and meeting space upgrades Design 9/30/2022 Robert McCabe
John Carter Brown Library Accessible west entry Design 11/30/2022 Richard Jackson
Lincoln Field Building Renovation Construction 8/22/2022 Joanna Saltonstall
List Art Building Update HVAC system at Bell Gallery Construction 7/31/2022 Jessica Galatro
Littlefield Hall Residence hall renewal Construction 8/16/2023 Paul Griffin
MacMillan Hall Trace Metals Lab Construction 7/29/2022 Jessica Galatro
MacMillan Hall Life safety upgrades Construction 12/30/2022 Jessica Galatro
Maddock Alumni Center Cosmetic renovation office 109 and restroom Design 9/15/2022 Shirley Ng
Multiple Replace domestic hot water heaters Construction 8/26/2022 Paul Griffin
Multiple Decarbonization - heat exchanger replacements Construction 11/15/2022 Andrew Mayes
Multiple Controller replacement allowance Construction 12/30/2022 Paul Griffin
Multiple Fire escape inspection and repair Construction 12/30/2022 Paul Griffin
Multiple Strobic fan replacement allowance Construction 12/30/2022 Paul Griffin
Multiple Classroom finish allowance Construction 12/30/2022 Gary Martins
Multiple Brown Dining Services appliance upgrades Construction 12/30/2022 Robert McCabe
Multiple Lab ventilation management program upgrades Design 3/1/2023 Andrew Mayes
New Pembroke Residence hall renewal Construction 8/16/2023 Paul Griffin
Page-Robinson Hall Subdivide conference room 340 for registrar Design 7/15/2022 Gary Martins
Page-Robinson Hall Selective interior finishes Construction 12/31/2022 Shirley Ng
Partridge Hall & Annex Renovations to Partridge House: Phase 1 Construction 8/15/2022 Yi Vizard
Pizzitola Sports Center Williams Court rebranding Construction 7/15/2022 Robert McCabe
Pizzitola Sports Center Locker room renovations Design 8/27/2022 Raymond Bourcier
Pizzitola Sports Center Replace Kalwall Construction 9/16/2022 Yi Vizard
Rockefeller Library Cosmetic upgrades and wayfinding signage upgrades Design 8/31/2022 Yi Vizard
Rockefeller Library Racial Justice Resource Center Design 9/1/2022 Yi Vizard
Sayles Hall Interior Renewal Construction 7/10/2022 Gary Martins
Ship Street 070 Reconfigure Room 339 Construction 7/29/2022 Jessica Galatro
Ship Street 070 Room 303A:Convertion to 2 microscope rooms Design 8/3/2022 Jessica Galatro
Ship Street 070 High priority envelope repairs Construction 8/31/2022 Yi Vizard
Ship Street 070 Cooling tower refresh Design 11/30/2022 Jessica Galatro
Ship Street 070 BioMed helium recovery system Design 11/30/2022 Jessica Galatro
Slater Hall Replace remaining emergency district generator Design 5/31/2023 Andrew Mayes
South Main Street 121 Electric vehicle charging station Design 9/1/2022 Yi Vizard
Stevenson Field Turf replacement Construction 8/5/2022 Andrew Mayes
Thayer Street 271 Architecture studio Construction 8/26/2022 Robert McCabe
The Lindemann Performing Arts Center Performing arts center Construction 3/8/2023 Matt Cate
University Hall Campus moves | cosmetic upgrades Design 8/31/2022 Yi Vizard
Utilities/Infrastructure Utility systems renewal and upgrades Construction 8/12/2026 Andrew Mayes
Vartan Gregorian Elementary School Science exploratory lab for grades 3-5 Construction 8/22/2022 Joanna Saltonstall
Watson Center for Information Technology Computer Science new hires Summer '22 Design 8/31/2022 Yi Vizard
Watson Center for Information Technology Breaker and key interlocks replacement Construction 1/31/2023 Andrew Mayes
Watson Center for Information Technology Replace CRAC units and replace controls Planning 8/31/2023 Andrew Mayes
Watson Center for Information Technology OIT Data Center: Phase 1 Design 12/29/2023 Andrew Mayes