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December 2021 (Published as part of Research Notes)

InfoEd Lab Animals: Deactivation of access v. protocol roles (important for lab managers and delegates)

Coeus Access- IMPORTANT Information for All User Additions and Removals

Coeus Training Still Available! Online 24/7

October 2021 (Published as part of Research Notes)

Workday Grants Management Dashboard – Improved Access

Coeus - Avoid Errors: Always Check Proposal Roles

August 2021 (Published as part of Research Notes)

Coeus Grants: Access and Roles- Removal for Terminations, Transfers, or Early Retirees

January 2021

Steps needed to be taken to remove access for those who left Brown or transferred to another department

COEUS Narrative Not Uploading

Annual Conflict of Interest Reporting for Calendar Year 2020

November 2020

How To Track Your Coeus Access Ticket’s Progress

Departments: Submitting a First-Time Coeus Grant Proposal

September 2020

Coeus Premium Grant Proposal Budget Class Now Available in Workday Learning

Coeus: Methods to Avoid Negative Under-recovery on Copied Budgets

June 2020

Finding Duplicate Rolodex Entries? Reminder on How to Create a Rolodex Entry in Coeus Without Redundancy

Changeover from Coeus to InfoEd Grants Delayed Indefinitely

April 2020

Grants systems support at Brown during remote work, Covid-19 and Reminder- Forms-F transition May 25th

February 2020

Online Coeus Training Available in Workday​

Info What? Read here for InfoEd training!

Grants Management Dashboard for Investigator

December 2019 Forms-F Coeus to InfoEd Transition Timeline​

Who is the RAIS Team?

October 2019

New- RAIS Report Request Ticket

Coeus Proposals: Best Practices Tip- Coeus Premium vs. Lite

August 2019

Important Notice to Coeus Users Regarding:  New NIH Human Fetal Tissue (HFT) Requirements

You can Request a Workday Grants Management Role With Your Coeus Access

June 2019

Best Practice Steps to Disconnect and Change a FOA in Coeus S2S User Attached Forms Compatible With Coeus

April 2019

Coeus New 'Special Review' Approval Value- Do Not Use

InfoEd Grants Planning and Configuration Underway

InfoEd Lab Animals Webinar Series

NIH Now Enforcing Error Validation on Attachment File Name Character Limits

February 2019

Annual Conflict of Interest Reporting for Calendar Year 2018

NSF S2S Submission Update- New Version of the Sr. Key Person Profile and Cover Page Forms- Effective 2/25/19

Referencing the Prior Submission in a Changed/Corrected Application to NIH

January 2019- Winter hiatus; no issue.

December 2018

Coeus How-to: Validate and View/Print your Coeus Forms Before Routing for Review

Coeus Knowledge Center Available 24/7

How to Update Senior Key Personnel Profile Information on System-to-System Submissions

InfoEd Project Update- 12/20/2018

November 2018

Coeus- What to Reference in 'Original Proposal' Field on Revised Budgets

Investigator Proposal Certification Updated

Proposal Status Update- All Pending Proposals Updated to 'Not Funded' Status After 18 Months

October 2018

NSF Corrects Display of UNKNOWN and 1900 in High Degree Information on Cover Page

Reconnecting a Coeus Proposal Record to the Updated Opportunity

Replacement of the Manager Budgetary Balance Report

Upcoming InfoEd Lab Animal Module Webinars

Workday- Grants Management Dashboard for Investigators

Workday- New Award User Interface

September 2018

Coeus Online Class Now Available in Workday Learning + FAQ's/Webinar(s)

Coeus Sponsor/Organization Requests- Now a Coeus Support Ticket

Grants Management Dashboard for Investigators

InfoEd Grants Planning & LA Update

NIH Investigators and Administrators- Validate Your eRA Commons Personal Information

Sponsored Reporting Update- Sept.

Support Tickets vs. Access Tickets for Coeus and InfoEd

Welcome- Inaugural Issue