Research Project

Experiences amongst Eritrean exiles and refugees

Fiori Berhane is a predoctoral trainee in Anthropology, researching Eritrean refugees’ responses to the migration crisis. For her dissertation, “Italo-Eritrea: Tracing a Post-Colonial Italy in the Contemporary Migration Crisis," she is examining Bologna’s role as the center of a de-territorialized Eritrean state during the nationalist war and how this shapes the contours of community life and what is ‘sayable’ within the Eritrean diaspora, more generally. She is conducting participant observation, oral historical interviews, and archival research on the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front’s relationship with the Italian Communist Party in the 1970s and on contemporary youth activism among Eritrean refugees. Berhane’s dissertation committee includes PSTC faculty associates David Kertzer and Jessaca Leinaweaver. Her research has been funded by a Fulbright Open Study award and a dissertation fieldwork grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation.