Transportation, Urban Growth, and Spatial Analysis

Adam Storeygard, a former NICHD-funded PSTC trainee, received his PhD in Economics in 2012 and began as Assistant Professor of Economics at Tufts University that fall. His research interests are in development and urban economics, and particularly in urbanization, transportation, and the economic geography of sub-Saharan Africa.

Storeygard has also examined the impact of climate variability on crimes against women in India with Brown alumna and former PSTC trainee Sheetal Sekhri (Associate Professor of Economics at University of Virginia). While at Brown, he worked with PSTC faculty associates Vernon Henderson and David Weil to measure economic growth using satellite data on night lights. They developed a statistical framework using these data to augment official income growth measures, and their estimates differ from official data by up to three percentage points annually. This research was published in the American Economic Review and received international press coverage including pieces in The Economist and the blogs of the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.