Facilities Management provides estimates for work to be performed in three separate categories: work to be performed by in-house or divisional employees on a work order, work to set-up and take down a planned event, and work of larger and more complex scope that would be done as a project. Work that a requester will be expected to pay for is called Sold Service.


Sold Service Definition

Facilities Management offers a wide range of goods and services not covered under our "general maintenance" funding for facilities and grounds. Delivery of these types of services would be considered a billable service. When trying to determine what is billable, keep in mind whether the work is "the need of the building versus the desire of the user".

Costs of any service to maintain the regular upkeep of facilities, building systems, and functions are the responsibility of Facilities Management. All others are the responsibility of the user.


Work Orders

The Service Response Center manages estimates for jobs of smaller scope to be done by in-house staff on a work order. Estimates are provided upon request and at no charge to the department or organization making the request. An estimate request can be submitted via the web Facilities Self Service (FSS), by telephone at (401) 863-7800, or by campus mail.

When submitting an estimate request, the requestor should provide a detailed description of the work to be done and any time restraints that might be applicable. A divisional representative will conduct a site visit to evaluate the request.


The Events Support office provides non-binding estimates for the costs relating to a planned event. These costs include equipment as well as labor. Equipment can include tables, chairs, tents, stages and sound equipment. Labor can be required for the set up, break down, and cleaning after an event. If needed, a sound technician or custodian on duty, and municipal fees for permits and fire inspections of rented tents may be included in the estimate for an event.

An estimate request for an event can be submitted via the web Facilities Self Service (FSS), by telephone at (401) 863-7820, or by campus mail.


The Planning, Design & Construction office provides oversight for the development of all construction projects. Most facilities projects are initiated through senior administration; however, any University entity can suggest a project. Individual departments can initiate small department funded projects by contacting the Planning, Design & Construction office directly at (401) 863-7838. These requests are reviewed by senior administration and, if approved, authorized to proceed.

The Planning group will define the primary objectives of the project, identify the specific needs of the client department, and develop potential solutions. When an approved project is of significant size or complexity, assistance is provided in selecting an architect or engineering firm to develop the specific design and define the exact scope of the project. Also see, Projects/Initiation and Estimates.