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Anthropologist Jessaca Leinaweaver writes about the 2020 Census citizenship question and the possibility of doing demography without numbers.

Economist John Friedman finds students of good teachers are less likely to experience teen pregnancy, more likely to go to selective colleges, and later earn more.

What do Indian women give up for safety?

August 6, 2018 | Live Mint | Girija Borker

Women in India pay more, travel farther, and attend lower ranked colleges in order to stay safe, says study by PSTC alum Girija Borker.

Instructional coaching for teachers improves instructional practice and student achievement, says PSTC associate Matthew Kraft.

You can’t find reliable diet advice in the news, says PSTC economist Emily Oster. And the studies are themselves subject to significant bias.

PSTC economist Glenn Loury examines the statistical model used for Harvard admissions.

The census is becoming a political tool, says sociologist John Logan in regard to the proposed citizenship question.

Widespread use of PFAS means new contamination sites are “almost inevitable,” says PSTC epidemiologist David Savitz.

Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale

July 30, 2018 | EducationNext | Matthew Kraft

Teacher coaching proves effective as a new form of professional development and improves student outcomes, says PSTC associate Matthew Kraft.

The internet had less impact on the 2016 elections than many think, says a new study by Jesse Shapiro.