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Research by Oded Galor finds people facing major climactic turbulence take greater risks than those who enjoy relative ecological stability.

The interplay between cultural assimilation and cultural diffusion plays an important role in economic development, says research by Oded Galor.

PSTC epidemiologist Eric Loucks leads interdisciplinary center that aims to combine outstanding research with practice.

Does your zip code determine your destiny?

November 19, 2018 | KJRH | John Friedman

Research by PSTC economist John Friedman shows the difference a zip code can make in determining someone's chances of rising out poverty.

PSTC visiting scholar and economist Terry-Ann Craigie notes the overall positive effect the Ban the Box policies have had on employment for people with criminal records.

Economist Emily Oster weighs in on balancing the potential effects of medication with maternal mental health.

Economic mobility often hinges on factors such as race, neighborhood demographics and housing prices, not job growth, says research by John Friedman.

A new study by economist Anna Aizer examines fathers in teen pregnancies, noting they have lower levels of human capital and earnings.

The Opportunity Altas, published by economist John Friedman and colleagues, shows areas in RI that confirm the correlation between race and income.

The Gates Foundation commits $15M to Opportunity Insights, co-directed by economist John Friedman.