Consistent with Brown's emphasis on student choice, we offer hundreds of courses every semester that meet the writing requirement. 

Writing-designated (WRIT) courses provide students with feedback about their writing and opportunities to apply that feedback on the same assignment or when completing writing assignments later in the course. Offered in nearly all departments, WRIT courses for a particular semester may be viewed in the Banner class schedule by selecting “Writing-Designated Courses” in the Curriculum Program section. All Writing Fellow courses are WRIT-designated.

English, Comparative Literature, and Literary Arts courses all meet the writing requirement. Students are especially encouraged to enroll in English 900, which focuses on critical reading and writing, or English 1030, which focuses on the research essay. Other popular courses focus on journalistic writing (English 1050) and creative nonfiction (English 930). Courses in Comparative Literature, English, and Literary Arts do not need the WRIT designation.

Many First-Year Seminars (FYS) meet the writing requirement. These courses, open only to first-year students, allow first-years to build strong relationships with a faculty member and other students. Capped at twenty students each, first-year seminars are offered by most departments and have few if any prerequisites. A placement lottery for first-year seminars takes place during the summer prior to your matriculation to Brown. When selecting your FYS preferences, look for those that carry the “WRIT” designation.