Head Teaching Consultants

Head Teaching Consultants (HTCs) work closely with Sheridan Staff and the Teaching Consultant program to facilitate Sheridan Teaching Seminar workshops, co-organize the TC invited-speaker series, and support the pedagogical development of graduate students at Brown through workshops, microteaching, and observations. Through their work, HTCs develop leadership, peer-mentoring, and facilitation skills and grow in their knowledge of inclusive and equitable teaching. HTCs also receive targeted mentoring on the areas they identify for their personal growth.

The HTC position is in-person and lasts for the full academic year. We welcome applications from former Teaching Consultants of all backgrounds who want to collaborate with us on inclusive, evidence-based teaching and professional development.

Applications can be accessed here and are due by April 14th, 2024. Please read all of the information on this page before applying.

Primary Responsibilities

Working closely with Sheridan Staff, HTCs:

  • Facilitate meetings for Teaching Consultants as part of the Teaching consultants program
  • Serve as a Sheridan Teaching Seminar workshop facilitator and/or as a “floater” who fills in where needed
  • Facilitate Sheridan Teaching Seminar make-up workshops
  • Facilitate microteaching and/or teaching statement peer-review workshops
  • Conduct observations & consult with graduate students about their teaching
  • Attend Teaching Consultant workshops and facilitate make-up workshops
  • Co-organize the TC Invited Speaker Program
  • Support the Sheridan Center by performing Teaching Observations and attending and participating in events, such as resource fairs, orientations, Sheridan workshops, and New Graduate TA Orientation
  • Serve as a peer leader and source of information about the Sheridan Center
  • Organize community-building events for TCs
  • Perform other tasks as needed in consultation with Sheridan Center staff

Time Commitment & Award

In the fall semester, we anticipate that Head TCs will spend about 40 hours total spread throughout the semester, particularly around the facilitation of the Sheridan Teaching Seminar – see specific dates and times on the application. In the spring semester, we anticipate that Head TCs will spend about 25 hours total spread throughout the semester on their duties.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, HTCs will receive an $850 award per semester, for a total of $1700.


Applicants must be enrolled at Brown as graduate students or postdocs and in-residence (i.e. on campus) for the full 2024-2025 school year. They must have completed the Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I), the Teaching Consultant Certificate, and be available for the important dates listed on the application.

Application Instructions

To apply, please fill out this electronic application in full and submit it by the end of the day on April 14th, 2024.  Finalists will be invited to interview in the last two weeks of April.

Questions regarding the position or application may be directed to Dr. Sara Misgen, Assistant Director for Interdisciplinary Teaching Communities ([email protected]).