“Whether or not undergraduates who participate in research ultimately choose research careers, their participation improves their ability to understand how ... scientists conduct research and better prepares them to evaluate science and scientific claims in their day-to-day lives.” (AAAS, 2009)

Collaborative Research and Scholarly Experiences (COEX) Curricular Designation

The Collaborative Research and Scholarly Experiences (COEX) curriculum designation at Brown is inspired by the course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) framework. By having students engage in a real research project in the context of their coursework, COEX courses provide undergraduates with an array of benefits while simultaneously producing broadly relevant, novel data. COEX-designated courses engage groups of students in addressing a research question or knowledge gap of interest to scholarly communities. These courses make research and scholarly experiences more inclusive and accessible to students, and they are designed to complement the traditional model of 1:1 faculty-student mentorships or independent studies.