Academic Tutoring Staff

The Academic Tutoring Program employs 125 undergraduate peer tutors who have a passion for teaching and learning, and have demonstrated proficiency in the course they are tutoring. The Tutoring Program's diverse group of peer tutors thrives on sharing knowledge, tips, and learning strategies to help peers gain a better understanding of course material and succeed academically.

Assistant Director of Academic Tutoring


Janet Peters
Janet received her B.A. in Psychology from Rhode Island College. She is the 2013 recipient of the Wilson DeBlois Award for her work with graduate students. Janet is responsible for all aspects of the Academic Tutoring Program and coordinates Vertex, an online summer pre-calculus program.

Please direct STEM related tutoring questions to [email protected].

Tutoring Leadership Boardkevin-chen.JPG

Kevin Chen is a medical student. He has been tutoring biology and chemistry courses since sophomore year. Besides tutoring, Kevin is involved with the Critical Review, the Meiklejohn Peer Advising Program, the Brown University Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN), and the
PLME Senate. He expects to graduate in May 2019 with an A.B. in Public Health and a Sc.B. in Statistics and continue his education down the hill at Alpert Medical School. 


Anupama Dinesh is a senior concentrating in Health and Human Biology on a global health track who tutors chemistry. Outside of her time as a tutor, she plays bassoon in the Brown University Orchestra, is involved with Partners in Health Engage, and volunteers at the William D'Abate Elementary School through Swearer Classroom Program. She likes running, doing yoga, and listening to music in her free time.


Noah Duncan is a senior who has been tutoring math since his sophomore year. On campus, he teaches with the Brown Engineering After School Team, works athletic events, and tutors at a minimum security prison with the Petey Greene Program. Starting in the Fall, he will advise first-year students as a Meiklejohn and begin his involvement as a Tutor Leader and member of the Tutor Advisory Board. He expects to graduate in May 2020 with a Sc.B. in Applied Math-Economics.


Anuva Goel is a junior studying neuroscience, and has been tutoring Organic Chemistry since the spring of her sophomore year. Aside from tutoring, Anuva also does research on neurotoxins, serves as PR manager for Brown Alzheimer's Activists, helps coordinate the Brain Fair, and mentors through WiSE and Swearer Center's Partnership for Adult Learning program. Anuva plans to pursue medicine after graduating in 2021 with an Sc.B. in Neuroscience


Jack Hegarty is a senior who has been tutoring various engineering classes since his sophomore year.  concentrating in materials engineering. Outside of tutoring, Jack is involved with the Meiklejohn Peer Advising program, Materials Research Society, and Tau Beta Pi. In his free, time he enjoys film photography, hiking, tennis, and rock climbing. Jack expects to graduate with an Sc.B. in Materials Engineering in May of 2020.


Ben Insley is a senior concentrating in biological physics. I am interested in pursuing a PhD in physics after Brown, and I am currently involved in medical physics research at the UCSF medical center. At Brown, I participate in club soccer and I play trombone for the Brown Jazz Band. I also teach AP physics at Wheeler High School. This will be my third year tutoring physics for the tutoring center and my first year on the tutor advisory board.


​Julia Kiely is a senior studying Materials Chemistry. She has been a tutor for Organic and General Chemistry for the past two years. Aside from tutoring, Julia is a TA for Organic Chemistry, has led the ChemDUG, Knitting Club, and researches with Matthew B. Zimmt in the Chemistry department. She advises students as a Meiklejohn, Women in Science and Engineering, and Matched Program for Sophomores mentor. Julia expects to graduate with an Sc.B. in Materials Chemistry in May of 2020 and go on to continue her passion of teaching elsewhere!


Kriyana Reddy is a senior concentrating in Applied Mathematics–Economics. She has been tutoring for Economics since Spring 2018. Besides tutoring, Kriyana is an associate editor for the Brown Journal of World Affairs, a Student Ambassador through the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, and a Student Ambassador at CareerLAB. In her free time, Kriyana enjoys playing tennis, practicing classical guitar, running, and going on impromptu road trips. She expects to graduate in May 2020 with an A.B. in Applied Mathematics-Economics. 


Alyssa Rust is a junior concentrating in neuroscience. She has been tutoring chemistry and neuroscience courses since Fall 2018. Outside of tutoring, Alyssa is involved with the Meiklejohn Peer Advising program, plays flute in the Brown University Wind Symphony, volunteers at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, and works in a lab studying neural development. She expects to graduate in May 2021 with a Sc.B. in neuroscience and plans to attend medical school afterwards.

small_eric.pngEric Solomon is a junior double concentrating in Applied Mathematics-Economics and Education Studies. He has been tutoring applied math since his sophomore year. Outside of group tutoring, he is a TA for Principles of Economics and has done research for the Annenberg Institute in the education department. He also spends his time tutoring online and assisting online math classrooms. He expects to graduate in May 2021 with a Sc.B. in applied math-economics and a focus in education.

Alanna Wolf is a junior concentrating in applied math - biology. She has been tutoring biology and math courses since the beginning of her sophomore year. When she is not tutoring, she works on production teams for theater shows on campus and skating on the ice skating club team! She expects to graduate in 2020 with an ScB in Applied Math- Biology.

small_carrie.jpgCarrie Zhuang is a junior concentrating in Applied Mathematics with Computer Science. She has been tutoring mathematics courses since sophomore year, and she really enjoys being a part of the tutoring program. Outside of her time as a tutor, she is also involved with Chinese Students and Scholars Association. She loves drawing, watching anime, and doing yoga in her free time. She expects to graduate with an Sc.B. in Applied Math-Computer Science in May of 2021 and continue her education afterwards.