The Academic Tutoring Program employs 125 undergraduate peer tutors who have a passion for teaching and learning, and have demonstrated proficiency in the course they are tutoring. The Tutoring Program's diverse group of peer tutors thrives on sharing knowledge, tips, and learning strategies to help peers gain a better understanding of course material and succeed academically.

Associate Director of Academic Tutoring 
Assistant Dean of Curricular Support


Janet Peters

Janet Peters is the Assistant Dean of the College of Curricular Support and Associate Director of the Academic Tutoring Program for the Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning. She oversees the administrative, operational, and logistical aspects of Academic Tutoring, including the supervision and coordination of 120 student tutors supporting 95 introductory STEM and language courses. Janet enjoys meeting and mentoring students and is committed to helping students thrive academically, socially, and as peer educators. She is the 2013 recipient of the Wilson DeBlois award for her work with graduate students. Janet earned her B.A. in Psychology from Rhode Island College and M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Louisiana State University.

Contact Janet for questions related to Tutoring and Academic Advising.

Program Manager of Academic Tutoring 


Carrie Berenback

Carrie Berenback is the Program Manager of Academic Tutoring Program for the Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning. Prior to joining the Brown University community, Carrie was a Senior Managing College Advisor for a non-profit that supports low-income and first-generation students in applying to and graduating from college. Before that, she helped build the college and career department for a private K-12 school that focuses on students who are gifted and also living with a disability. For 14 years, Carrie was a sailing coach at various community boating centers for historically underserved youth in New York City and Boston. She uses a consultative, human-centered approach to support her students and colleagues. Carrie holds an MSEd in School Counseling and a BA in Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies. 

Contact Carrie for questions about Academic Tutoring