The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning is engaged in a number of initiatives to enhance Brown University students’ capacities for effective written communication. These initiatives are part of the Brown Learning Collaborative and include the Writing Fellows Program, the first in the nation, was founded in 1982. As peers, writing fellows collaborate with faculty in around a dozen courses each semester, serving student writers in those courses as sympathetic readers who provide informed, constructive criticism in order to help students strengthen the argumentation, analysis, organization, clarity, and style of papers. During their first semester in the program, all Fellows complete English 1190M: Teaching and Practice of Writing to help prepare them for their work. In the spirit of what is most unique and valuable about Brown, writing fellows and writers in courses ultimately do more than focus on writing: they shape their own and each other’s education.

For more information about the Sheridan Center’s Writing initiatives, please contact [email protected].