Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows Program

The Sheridan Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows program is a yearlong, cohort-based learning community that provides the opportunity for a small group of junior faculty from across the disciplines to come together to reflect upon and discuss their teaching and their students’ learning with Sheridan staff. During the Fall semester, fellows participate in the Sheridan Teaching Seminar, completing online components and attending Certificate workshops facilitated by the Sheridan Assistant Director. Fellows also learn strategies for observing teaching and giving formative peer feedback across disciplines. During the Spring semester, fellows participate in three reading group discussion sessions on teaching-related topics of interest to fellows, observe another fellow's class, and discuss insights and ideas gained from the experience. Sample topics might include: Inclusive Teaching, Digital Pedagogies and Teaching Online, Classroom Strategies, Writing Pedagogy, Course Design and Assessment, or Documenting Teaching. Participants also receive feedback on their teaching through a course observation or early student feedback session and one-on-one consultation with Sheridan staff.

Fellows will receive a $500 research stipend after completing the program. Please note that participants must complete all required components of the program (completion of all Sheridan Teaching Seminar requirements, full attendance at all sessions, and participation in peer and Sheridan teaching observations) to be eligible to receive the research stipend.

We welcome applications from lecturers and assistant professors. Applications for the 2023-2024 program year must be received no later than August 30th, 2023. To apply, please fill out this form.

Program Dates

Fall sessions will be held remotely via Zoom. Spring session locations TBD, but we will make sure that all fellows can attend.

Fall 2023

Monday, September 25; 5:40-7:10 pm
Monday, October 16; 5:40-7:10 pm
Monday, November 13; 5:40-7:10 pm
Monday, December 4; 5:40-7:10 pm

Spring 2024

Tuesday, February 6; 12-1 pm
Tuesday, March 5; 12-1 pm
Tuesday, April 2; 12-1 pm

University Awards Ceremony: Date TBA (attendance is optional) 

Please contact Dr. Sara A. Misgen ([email protected]) for questions about the program.

The application window for the 2023-24 Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows cohort is now closed.



Current Fellows


Kiana Murphy (American Studies)
Alejandra Rosenberg Navarro (Hispanic Studies)
Ivan Tan (Music)
Seda Salapayca (Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences)
Gajendra Kumar (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry)
Tiraana Bains (History)
Mindi Leigh Schneider (Institute at Brown for Envirnment and Society)

Past Fellows


Karianne Bergen (Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences)
Chen Sun (Computer Science)
Shilo McBurney (Public Health - Epidemiology)
Atin Jindal (Bio Med Medicine)
Lucas Caretta (School of Engineering)
Sara Mueller (Physics)
Tricia Kelly (Education)
Kristina Mallory (Applied Mathematics)


Roman Feiman (CLPS)
Stéphanie Gaillard (French & Francophone Studies)
Brad Gibbs (Economics)
Ainsley LeSure (Africana Studies)
Patience Moyo (Public Health - Health Services, Policy & Practice)
Iván A. Ramos (Theater Arts and Performance Studies)
Mauro Rodriguez Jr (School of Engineering)
Ritambhara Singh (Computer Science)


Charrise Barron (Africana Studies and Music)
Theophilus A. Benson (Computer Science)
Renee Surprenant Fitzgerald (Theatre Arts & Performance Studies)
Emily Gadbois (Health Services, Policy, & Practice)
Emily Kress (Philosophy)
Jinying Li (Department of Modern Culture and Media)
Alice Paul (Biostatistics)


Jesse Ault (Fluids and Thermal Sciences, School of Engineering)
David Buchta (Classics)
Emily Drumsta (Comparative Literature)
Marissa Gray (Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, & Biotechnology)
Elizabeth Miller (Philosophy)
Jessica Plavicki (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
Malte Schwarzkopf (Computer Science)


Lisa Biggs (Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre)
Elena Festa (CLPS)
Amanda M. Jamieson (Molecular Microbiology and Immunology)
Kemp Plumb (Physics)
Lulei Su (East Asian Studies)
James Tompkin (Computer Science)


José Manuel Conde Alonso (Mathematics)
Leon J. Hilton (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies)
Jeff Huang (Computer Science)
Hieyoon Kim (East Asian Studies)
Jason Protass (Religious Studies)
Jerome Robinson (Chemistry)
Adam J. Sullivan (Biostatistics)


Lisa Dicarlo (Sociology)
Jennifer Franck (Engineering)
Jennifer Lambe (History)
Jeremy Mumford (History)


Nina Emery (Philosophy)
Karla Kaun (Neuroscience)
Sarah Thomas (Hispanic Studies)
Paul Valiant (Computer Science)


Cici Bauer (Public Health - Biostatistics)
Sylvia Kuo (Economics)
Eng-Beng Lim (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies)
Monica Linden (Neuroscience)
Josh Pacewicz (Sociology)


Jennifer Lindsay (Education)
Brandon Marshall (Public Health - Epidemiology)
Li-Qiong Wang (Chemistry)
Andrew Pennock (Taubman Center)


Stephen Bush (Religious Studies)
Johanna Hanink (Classics)
Thomas Serre (CLPS)
Kathleen Hess (Chemistry)