Sheridan Teaching Seminar

Program Description

In the Sheridan Teaching Seminar, members of the Brown teaching community aim to improve their students' learning and their own experiences as teachers through a reflective exploration of their own practices and beliefs about teaching. As the first of the Sheridan Center's teaching certificate programs, the Sheridan Teaching Seminar introduces a number of topics that will help you develop and refine fundamental, evidence-based teaching skills and strategies. Throughout the seminar, you'll reflect critically on your own teaching and learning experiences; consider how to establish inclusive learning environments that support the diverse students you'll encounter in your teaching; practice public speaking and communication skills; apply principles of learning design; explore methods of evaluating learning; and investigate how student engagement leads to lasting and deep forms of learning. Those who are new to teaching benefit from the program's focus on active learning, inclusive teaching, and classroom communication. Participants who have previous teaching experience or who have taken departmental pedagogy courses benefit from the program's opportunities for cross-disciplinary exchange and continued development of their teaching practice.

The seminar is organized as four separate modules. Each module contains a self-paced online component—consisting of videos, readings, and guided activities that lead to the module's assignment—followed by an in-person, hands-on workshop. The online portion of each module lasts for roughly two weeks, with workshops taking place during the third week. These workshops are a critical part of the program, giving you an opportunity to give and receive constructive peer feedback and to learn from the experiences of colleagues from across disciplines. To prepare for them properly, you should anticipate spending at least a couple hours reading, viewing videos, and completing the assignment in the preceding two-week period.

The four modules of the Teaching Seminar:

  • Module 1: Critical Reflection and Inclusive Classrooms
  • Module 2: Rhetorical Practice and Classroom Communication
  • Module 3: Learning Design
  • Module 4: Active Learning

Each program participant also participates in a formal Micro-teaching session or completes a  Teaching Observation (on a space available basis). The Micro-teaching session allows participants to revise, extend, and receive feedback on a teaching experience they completed as part of the Certificate program. For those who have a teaching opportunity in either the Fall or Spring, a Teaching Observation allows participants to reflect on their students’ learning experience and to gain constructive feedback from the Sheridan Center’s trained Teaching Consultants on achieving their individual teaching goals.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the Certificate I program, participants will be able to:

  • reflect critically on your own teaching and learning
  • support diverse students in their efforts to learn by creating inclusive and respectful learning environments
  • identify the rhetorical choices you make as a teacher and develop your own goals for improving your efficacy and persuasiveness as a communicator
  • apply principles of learning design to plan courses, assignments, and other learning experiences, and to evaluate to the learning that results from them
  • employ your understanding of how people learn to create engaged and active learning opportunities


To receive a certificate upon completing the program, you must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Complete all seminar modules within a single semester, which entails completing all online components before your workshop date and participating in all workshop sessions.
  • Participate in a formal Micro-teaching session or Teaching Observation and submit a follow up questionnaire within the academic year.
  • Submit responses to both the Pre and Post Feedback surveys in a timely manner.

If you are a graduate student, successful completion of the Teaching Seminar will appear on your Brown University transcript. For this reason, all of these requirements must be met in order to allow us to include the program in official records and transcripts.

NB: All requirements must be completed within the course of a single academic year.


Registration will close when the program is fully subscribed.  To be placed on the waiting list please email [email protected].

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the Certificate I Program.