Resources for New Instructors

Key campus resources for instructors new to teaching at Brown.

Academic Technology

Academic Services Gateway: Provides instructors with information about and centralized access to technology services such as Canvas, wikis, bulk-email, iclickers, or [email protected].

Banner: Brown’s electronic registration system. Students use Banner to search the course catalogue, register for courses and drop them online; class lists are updated as students add and drop classes. Only faculty members can give electronic 'overrides' to register students once the section is full.

Canvas: The electronic course management system used at Brown. You can use Canvas to create a course website where students can access course information and materials, submit assignments, participate in online discussions, take online quizzes, etc. To request a Canvas site, use the Academic Services Gateway described above.

Instructional Technology Group (ITG): Supports the use of technology in teaching and has instructional designers who can provide assistance to faculty.


Classroom assignments are available online through the Banner electronic registration system (see Banner above) or on the website of the Registrar’s Office.

Course Readings

Book Orders: Books for courses can be ordered through the Brown Bookstore.

Copyright and Fair Use Policy: Learn about Brown's policy for teaching and fair use.

Course Packs: The Copy Center can make course packs available for sale to your students (though some faculty prefer to use local copy shops).

Course Reserves: The library offers both online and physical course reserves.

Disability Support

Student & Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) coordinates and facilitates services for students, faculty and staff with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities. You can contact them with questions or concerns:

[email protected]

SEAS encourages faculty to include in syllabi a statement addressing students with disabilities to let them know that while you are approachable and willing to work with them, it is their responsibility to communicate their needs to you in advance. The syllabus statement might read:

Brown University is committed to full inclusion of all students. Students who, by nature of a documented disability, require academic accommodations should contact the professor during office hours. Students may also speak with Student and Employee Accessibility Services at 401-863-9588 to discuss the process for requesting accommodations.

Teaching Support

Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning supports instructors through a wide variety of programs, consulting services, and resources. Programs of interest to new instructors include:

The Center also offers free, confidential teaching observations and consultations.