Undergraduate Data Science Fellows

Data Science Fellows

Undergraduates interested in data science and collaborative work with a faculty member (e.g., serving as a UTA) have the opportunity to enroll in DATA 1150, Data Science Fellows, Spring semester.  This course will prepare Data Science Fellows to work with faculty to enhance data science curricula at Brown. Data Science Fellows will provide additional resources to faculty, who themselves face the expanding and changing array of data science tools, knowledge, and approaches.  The opportunity to serve as a Data Science Fellow will increase the metacognitive capacity of the undergraduate, enhancing data science skills and domain knowledge, but perhaps more importantly, will further develop communication, leadership, and teamwork capacities.  

Students interested in enrolling in DATA 1150 will need to complete an application form prior to pre-registration, describing their interest in becoming a Data Science Fellow and their experience with data science.  While Data Science Fellows can come from any concentration, they should have some experience or expressed aptitude (formal or informal) in one of the following areas: programming, statistics/applied math, or data visualization.  Any questions about the Data Fellows course should be sent to Linda Clark at [email protected].

Data Science Fellows will earn up to 10 hours per week (paid at the UTA department rate for the course) during the semester for their work with faculty.