Entrance and Exit Tickets

Entry and exit tickets are short prompts that can provide instructors with a quick student diagnostic. These exercises can be collected on 3”x5” cards or small pieces of paper, or online through a survey or course management system.

Entry tickets

Entry tickets focus student attention on the day’s topic or ask students to recall background knowledge relevant to the day’s lesson.


“Based on the readings for class today, what is your understanding of ___________?"

Exit tickets

Exit tickets collect feedback on students’ understanding at the end of a class and provide the students with an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned. They can be helpful in prompting students to begin to synthesize and integrate the information gained during a class period.

Examples of a "muddiest point prompt":

"What was the muddiest point in today's class?"

"What questions do you still have about today's lecture?"

Advantages of entrance and exit tickets

  • participation of each student
  • prompt for students to focus on key concepts and ideas
  • a high return of information for the amount of time invested
  • important feedback for the instructor that can be useful to guide teaching decisions

(e.g., course pacing, quick clarification of small misunderstandings, identification of student interests and questions).

See examples from a Brown faculty member.