Inclusive Teaching

Anti-Racist Teaching

Definitions of Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive Mentoring

Inclusive Teaching in an Open Curriculum

Key Terms in Inclusive Teaching

Evidence-based Strategies

Active Learning
Digital Learning
High-Impact Practices and Pathways
Knowing your students
Office Hours
Supporting Diverse Students

Teaching in the Moment

Other Resources

Cornell University's Teaching and Learning in the U.S. Classroom is a self-paced EdX course. Those interested in using these modules as the basis for a learning community can request a facilitator's guide through the Cornell Center for Teaching Innovation website.

ColumbiaX: INCLTEACH1x Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom is an introductory self-paced online EdX course for faculty. The course has two main components: video lectures and learning activities (reflection activities, reflective journal, interactive case studies activities). The content and framework of a course is based on a book Guide to Inclusive Teaching at Columbia (2018).