Writing Fellows Application period will be open in Spring 2019.

Every year, Writing Fellows are chosen from applicants in the current first-year, sophomore, and junior cohorts. These students are professionally developed to provide one-on-one writing support as peer tutors in courses across the curriculum. Writing Fellows respond to first drafts of papers and then meet with writers in face-to-face conferences to discuss their plans for revision. Fellow typically work with 6-10 writers per semester. All new Fellows enroll in English 1190M during their first semester as Fellows (The Theory and Practice of Writing) and receive an $800 stipend per semester for their work.

Why become a Writing Fellow?

  • You love to write yourself and want to continue growing and developing as a writer
  • You enjoy reading others’ writing and you’re excited about the opportunity to talk about and work with other writers on their writing
  • You’re interested in pursuing leadership roles within the program by becoming a Student Assistant Director or Diversity Outreach Coordinator
  • You want to be a member of one of the oldest writing fellows programs in the country

Apply through UFUNDS

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