Data Science

The Data Science Fellows initiative prepares students to serve as consultants to faculty wishing to add more elements of data science to their undergraduate course. Students learn a core set of data science practices, active learning pedagogies, and collaborative communication skills. Students enrolled in the Data Science Fellows course (DATA 1150, offered each Spring) collaborate with a participating faculty member to infuse data science tools and practice in existing undergraduate courses.  

Students interested in registering for DATA 1150 are required to complete an application form prior to Spring pre-registration to be considered for the course. Please contact Linda Clark at [email protected] with questions.

Faculty interested in adapting or modifying data science curricula are offered two opportunities:

  • First, the Sheridan Center offers a Data Science Course Design Institute in January focusing on expanding knowledge of data science education strategies, integrating data science into existing course learning outcomes, and planning course-based data science activities.  Faculty meet with a Sheridan representative to brainstorm initial curricular change ideas, participate in a one-day workshop, implement the course design strategies, then meet again to share their experiences with other workshop participants. Upon successful completion of the institute, faculty participants receive a $750.00 grant to use for course development and priority access for a Data Science Fellow.  For more information about the Institute, please see this page.
  • Second, faculty can request a Data Science Fellow to collaborate with them during the Spring semester.  (Priority for fellows will be given to those faculty attending the Data Science Course Design Institute.) The Sheridan Center will reimburse departments for the data science fellow UTA salary, up to 10 hours per week at the departmental rate.