First Day(s) of Class

How can I use the first days of class to set the tone for the semester?

Introduce yourself and set course goals & expectations.

You can never make a second first impression. The first week of class will set the tone of the classroom environment.

  • Introduce the course and the expectations of the students (refer to the Course Syllabus).
  • Consider how you will handle shopping period: At Brown students have 2 weeks to finalize their registrations. The student population may change during those first two weeks some students may miss the first day of class. Learn how Brown faculty have handled shopping period.
  • Have a plan and practice ahead of time; teaching is a presentation.
Get to know your students.

Understanding your students’ expectations, backgrounds and interests can help you engage your students and motivate them to learn. Example activities include:

  • Ask students to introduce themselves to the class and provide some information relevant to the course topic (in the classroom or online).
  • Create and distribute a student questionnaire for students to provide you with basic information about themselves, their background in the subject area and any particular concerns they may have about this course.
  • Give students an opportunity to get to know each other. Ask a question that they can discuss in small groups of 2-3.
  • Learn students' names to encourage them to interact with you. At Brown, Banner has an online picture roster that you can print and take to class.
  • Encourage students to see you during office hours.