Writing Fellow Program Leadership 

Dr. Jessica Tabak
Assistant Director of the Writing Center
Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning
Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 401-863-2973

Student Assistant Directors

Kyoko Leaman and Michael Wang

[email protected]
Location: 510 in the Writing Center (5th floor of the SciLi)
Open Hours: Mondays 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Fellows

Allison Singleton and Megan Zhang

[email protected]
Location: 510 in the Writing Center (5th floor of the SciLi)
Open Hours: Wednesdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

Community Values, Writing Fellows Living List 

A living list is a set of community guidelines, outlining our expectations for each other and putting into concrete words our collective values as peer mentors and guides. These are considerations we will hold ourselves accountable for in our interactions and communications. As it is living, this is an always in-process list. 

  • Listen to receive and do not respond.
  • #Leanonme, we are resources for one another.
  • Recognize forms of labor.
  • Trust, ask. We all still have things to learn.
  • Be generous (listeners, humans).
  • Asking questions is important :).
  • Throw sunshine, not shade. 
  • Hold people accountable respectfully.
  • Be conscientious of communication.
  • Respect & lean on writers' vulnerability.

2021-2022 Writing Fellows

Madeleine Adriance

Eva Azazoglu

Saadhya Bahudodda

Bazif Bala

Callie Bouton

Jasmine Cardichon

Rachel Carlson

Sophia Chan

Vivian Chun

Emily Cigarroa

Nasreen Duqmaq

Roopa Duvvi

Joyce Gao

Ricardo Gomez

Yemi Hailemariam

Adam Hall

Leona Hariharan

Robin Hwang

Alice Jo

Samiha Kazi

Grace Keefe

Nicole Kim

Kyoko Leaman

Anna Lembke

Cristian Loor

Lindsey Maher

Katherine Molloy

Sarosh Nadeem

Ethan Pan

Grace Park

Bailee Peralto

Davi Perez

Sophie Pollack-Milgate

Geat Ramush

Ingrid Ren

Aila Rodriguez

Emily Rust

Tarana Sable

Gemma Sack

Shilpa Sajja

Kolya Shields

Allison Singleton

Ella Spungen

Morgan Varnado

Michael Wang

Whitney Yu

Megan Zhang