Dr. Austin Jackson
Assistant Director of the Writing Center, Sheridan
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, Nonfiction Writing Program
Affiliate Faculty, Department of Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theater

[email protected]
401-863-2973 (Sheridan); 401-863-2393 (Nonfiction)
Location: 506 in the Writing Center (5th floor of the SciLi) and 70 Brown Street (English Department, Room 416) 
Open Hours: Mondays and Fridays, 8:30am - 10:30am (English Department); Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30pm - 4:00pm (Writing Center) 

Charlie Carroll 
Interim Program Manager of the Writing Center
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History

[email protected] 
401-863-2973 (Sheridan)
Location: 504 in the Writing Center (5th floor of the SciLi)
Open Hours: TBA

Student Assistant Directors

Elana Hausknecht and Sara Shapiro

[email protected]
Location: 507 in the Writing Center (5th floor of the SciLi)
Open Hours: Mondays 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Fellows

Nikki Locklear and Isabel Reyes

[email protected]
Location: 507 in the Writing Center (5th floor of the SciLi)
Open Hours: Fridays 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Community Values, Writing Fellows Living List 

A living list is a set of community guidelines, outlining our expectations for each other and putting into concrete words our collective values as peer mentors and guides. These are considerations we will hold ourselves accountable for in our interactions and communications. As it is living, this is an always in-process list. 

  • Listen to receive and do not respond.
  • #Leanonme, we are resources for one another.
  • Recognize forms of labor.
  • Trust, ask. We all still have things to learn.
  • Be generous (listeners, humans).
  • Asking questions is important :).
  • Throw sunshine, not shade. 
  • Hold people accountable respectfully.
  • Be conscientious of communication.
  • Respect & lean on writers' vulnerability.

2019-2020 Writing Fellows

Bazif Bala

Oliva Bowen

Isabel Brodsky

Rose Carrillo

Isabella Cavicchi

Sophia (Hing Lai) Chan

Katie Chiou

Finch Collins

Clara Devine-Golub

Yun Ke (Tracy) Du

Ricardo Gomez

Jacob Cramlich

Marysol Fernandez Harvey

Elana Hausknecht

Mari Herrema

Jonathan Hess

Yam Yu (Hilary) Ho

Kaleb Hood

Jessica Jiang

Naotaro Kato

Nicole Kim

Riya Kothari

Emily Lane

Victoria Lansing 

Weng Yin Issac Leong

Evan Lincoln

Nikki Locklear

Rhea Mathews

Amistad Meeks

Geraldo Alan Mendoza Sosa

Julia Moore

Samantha Nash

Amanda Ngo

Vicky Phan

Gia Nhu Phung

Isabel Reyes

Hillel Rosenshine

Tamara Rudic

I Divya Rui-qi

Emily Rust

Gemma Sack

Yelena Salvador

Charlie Saperstein

Mohima Sattar

Janavi Sethurathnam

Sara Shapiro

Tara Sharma

Allison Singleton

Mathew Slade

Daniel Stassen

Gus Stephens

Quynh-Lam Tran

Michael Wang

Asha Williams

Kion You

Cindy Zeng

Megan Zhang