Individual Support

During individual language appointments, you can receive focused language feedback and support on a wide range of topics including reading, writing, listening, speaking, or U.S. cultural norms. 

English Language Support is providing multiple options for individual language appointments for the Fall 2021 semester:

  • In-Person Language Appointment (1 hour) - Choose this option to meet with an ELS staff member in person. In-person appointments are held on the 5th Floor of the Sciences Library and will follow protocols outlined in the COVID-19 campus safety policy.
  • Zoom Language Appointment (1 hour) - Choose this option to schedule a video conference via Zoom. An ELS staff member will share the Zoom link to connect to the conference in the appointment detail box on Google Calendar prior to your scheduled time.
    • In-Person and Zoom options can also be used for casual conversation practice or focus on specific speaking skills such as pronunciation (30 minutes). Please indicate in the appointment detail box what the purpose of the appointment is when scheduling. 
  • Synchronous Google Doc Language Appointment (1 hour) - Choose this option to schedule an online chat appointment via Google Docs. Please share a document with the ELS staff member via Google Docs prior to your scheduled appointment. During the appointment time, we will use the Comment and Chat features to conference with you in real-time.
  • Asynchronous Google Doc Language Appointment (30 minutes) - Choose this option to schedule an appointment that is not in real time. Prior to the appointment time, please share a document via Google Docs, as well as the following information: the prompt or purpose of the assignment, its stage in the process (e.g., rough draft, revised draft, final draft), your goals for the assignment, any specific areas you would like the feedback to focus on, and any other information that would be helpful in providing feedback. During the appointment time, an ELS staff member will use the Comment and Suggestion features to respond to the information you provided, which you can then review at any time. 

How to Book an Appointment:

All appointment times are set in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). However, if you do not see availability or format that works for you (e.g., time zone difference, internet availability, etc.), please reach out so that we can work with you to shift the appointment time or to determine how we can use other options to support your language goals. Contact [email protected] to learn more about individual support or with questions.