Course Consultations

Designing a new course or revising an existing course? Interested in getting feedback on a particular aspect of your course or considering new teaching strategies and methods? Then request a free and confidential Course Consultation, which gives you an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Sheridan Center staff member to discuss designing, implementing or revising courses.

A Course Consultation can help you brainstorm new approaches to teaching your subject matter, consider the coherence of your course, and apply principles of course design and evaluation. Course Consultations may address a wide range of issues. You might wish to discuss:

  • developing learning goals for a course
  • developing methods for assessing student learning
  • preparing a syllabus
  • building in opportunities for student feedback
  • increasing student participation or improving class discussion
  • integrating innovative teaching strategies

To learn more or to request a course consultation, please contact the Center.