The Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Fellows Program was established in 1982 to help integrate the study of writing into courses throughout the university. The Program's Writing Fellows currently serve approximately two dozen courses across STEM, Social Sciences, and Humanities disciplines each academic year. In a ‘fellowed’ course, students submit the first draft of at least two assignments to their Writing Fellow before it is due to the professor. Writing Fellows comment on the drafts, responding to argumentation, analysis, organization, clarity, and style, and suggesting strategies for revision. When the drafts are handed back, students meet individually with their Fellow and revise their drafts. Professors receive both the first draft, with annotations by the Writing Fellows, and the final version, so that they may review the process of their students’ work.

The Writing Fellows Program provides an important element of support for Brown's requirement that all its graduates achieve competence in writing. Underlying the program’s interactive, collegial approach is the conviction that writing is, ultimately, a communicative process best accomplished in active dialogue with other people.