Provost’s Faculty Teaching Fellows

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce a call for faculty to serve as Provost’s Faculty Teaching Fellows in the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. This new program seeks to build a cohort of senior faculty who will enhance the culture of teaching and learning at Brown. This is a two-year role, with the option to continue in a mentorship role in the third year.

Provost’s Faculty Teaching Fellows will:

2022-24: Collaborate with Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning academic staff to serve as a peer facilitator. Priority is given to faculty who wish to co-facilitate one or more of the following initiatives, which currently or will involve important contributions from Fellows:

Seminar for Transformation on Anti-Racist Teaching

Faculty Writing Communities

Launch New Faculty Orientation

Science Fridays and possible STEM student group mentorship

However, consideration will also be given to faculty who propose new ideas that support key initiatives in the Sheridan Center’s five-year strategic plan or that support the work of more than one Sheridan Center hub.

In addition to a focal initiative, Fellows attend Sheridan Center advisory groups meetings (generally, two per term). Fellows are also occasionally asked, pending availability, to optionally engage with Sheridan Center staff in professional learning (e.g., invitations to events or meetings with visiting experts) or engage in other Sheridan Center activities to advance teaching and learning at and beyond Brown. These activities include faculty roundtables to spotlight your teaching innovations to other Brown instructors, as well as conference presentations, to highlight Sheridan’s work to the broader higher education community. 

Optional 2024-25: Participate in selection of new cohort and mentor these colleagues.

2022-4: Attend Sheridan advisory groups meetings during the term; Participate in Provost Faculty Teaching Fellows self-organized gatherings as determined by the group.

In appreciation for this work, Provost’s Faculty Teaching Fellows will receive an annual research stipend ($5000 in Years 1-2; $2500 in Year 3) to carry out their project or engage in conference travel. (For example, past fellows have presented at the Accelerating Systemic Change Network annual meeting and the American Association of Colleges and Universities annual meeting and PKAL conferences.) 

Faculty are welcome (and encouraged) to use the title “Provost’s Faculty Teaching Fellow” during the years they are engaged in the program.


Nomination and Appointment Process

Eligible faculty include tenured faculty and senior lecturers. Faculty must be available at least two years (2022-24) to participate. To encourage distributed leadership, priority is given to applicants who are not currently serving as Fellows.

Deans and chairs are invited to nominate faculty to serve in this role, but faculty are also encouraged to self-nominate.


By Friday, April 1, 2022, faculty should submit a letter of interest to [email protected], which includes the following:

  • Prior work with the Sheridan Center, including any engagement with the initiatives listed above.
  • A provisional description of 1-2 peer facilitation roles in which you would like to engage in 2022-24.  If these ideas align with any of the priority areas described above, please note this focus.
  • Because these roles involve collaboration with Sheridan Center staff, please speak to your philosophy of faculty-staff engagement (e.g., prior experience and strategies you envision to make these collaborations successful and mutually beneficial). 
  • What would you hope to get out of the program? What would make it successful for you?
  • A commitment to engage in two years of the fellowship.

Fellows will be selected based on recommendation of current Provost’s Faculty Teaching Fellows and needs of the Sheridan Center, with final approval from the Provost. Notification will take place by April 25, 2022.

The Sheridan Center invites questions or discussion of preliminary ideas. Please contact [email protected] if you would us to follow up with you.