Teaching Consultant Program

Program Description

The Sheridan Center Teaching Consultant Program is a semester-long learning community in which graduate students and postdocs develop and refine skills in peer workshop facilitation and learn how to document their own reflective teaching practice through creating a teaching portfolio. Building on the foundations of reflective teaching explored in the Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I), participants will continue to develop an understanding of evidence-based teaching practices, explore strategies for creating inclusive learning environments, and learn to facilitate workshops and micro-teaching sessions for the Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I), as well as peer portfolio feedback sessions. New Teaching Consultants have the option of applying to train to facilitate peer teaching observations and gain hands-on experience conducting them. Each year, Teaching Consultants also have the opportunity to invite a guest speaker to Brown. This annual professional development event is coordinated by graduate students in line with their interests.

Skills developed in the Teaching Consultant Program are broadly applicable to effective communication and facilitation in academic and professional careers. Graduate students who complete all requirements for the program within a single academic year will receive a Sheridan Center Certificate and a notation on their graduate transcript. Teaching Consultants who successfully complete the Certificate may apply to return in following years as Experienced Teaching Consultants (ETCs). In this role, ETCs have the opportunity to continue their professional development by facilitating workshops, micro-teaching sessions, and peer portfolio feedback sessions. ETCs also conduct peer observations and develop additional peer mentorship skills. In addition to the Certificate, Teaching Consultants receive a $400 award for successfully completing the program. New Teaching Consultants who train to perform teaching observations and conduct them will receive a $500 award. Experienced TCs will receive a $550 award.

As the program is a workshop-based learning community that incorporates hands-on active learning principles, in-person attendance is required at all sessions. We are unable to accommodate participation via Skype or other video or phone conferencing technology. All consultants are required to gain facilitation experience through facilitating a peer workshop section for the Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I) and facilitating micro-teaching sessions and peer feedback workshops for graduate students during the semester. ETCs are additionally required to attend observation training sessions and conduct peer teaching observations. If you are unable to commit to attending all sessions and serving as a facilitator, please see the Sheridan Center website during the academic year for our flexible professional development workshop options, which include workshops on teaching statements and portfolios.

Learning Objectives

In the Sheridan Teaching Consultant Program, participants will:

  • Collaborate across disciplines and divisions to discuss approaches to teaching.
  • Build skills in facilitating discussions about teaching with diverse, multi-disciplinary groups.
  • Build skills in providing peer feedback on teaching in micro-teaching sessions.
  • Articulate and model an inclusive approach to teaching and discussion facilitation.
  • Develop a reflective teaching statement.
  • Create a teaching portfolio.
  • Develop consulting skills around the preparation of teaching statements and portfolios.

Program Dates

All sessions are held from 4-6 pm on the following Mondays at the Sheridan Center:

09/16/19: Session 1a: Facilitation Skills and Training I

10/07/19: Session 1b: Teaching Observations I

10/28/19: Session 2: Facilitation Skills and Training II; Teaching Observations II

11/18/19: Session 3: Intro to Portfolios

12/09/19: Session 4: Teaching Statement Workshop

Sheridan Teaching Seminar Workshop Facilitator Dates

All workshops and required pre-meetings are held from 4:30-7:10 pm on the following Mondays:

Session 1: 09/23/19

Session 2: 10/21/19

Session 3: 11/11/19

Session 4: 12/02/19


Completion of Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I)

Requirements for New Teaching Consultants

  • Full attendance at all sessions.
  • Facilitation of a Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I) peer workshop section and facilitation of a peer micro-teaching session or peer TA teaching or feedback workshop.
  • Submission of completed teaching portfolio to the Sheridan resource library.
  • Completion of post-program feedback survey.

Participants who do not complete the above requirements within a single academic year are ineligible to receive a Certificate, transcript notation, or award funds.

Requirements for Experienced Teaching Consultants

  • Facilitate a Certificate I workshop and micro-teaching sessions or peer TA teaching and professional development workshops.
  • Attend all sessions as an experienced TC/facilitator.
  • Serve as a peer consultant during sessions 3 and 4 to provide feedback on new TC draft teaching statements and portfolios.
  • Conduct three Teaching Observations during the Fall semester.
  • Complete post-program feedback survey.

Participants who do not complete the above requirements during the Fall semester are ineligible to receive award funds.


Please note, the Sheridan Teaching Consultant program is designed as a small, intensive learning community. As such, enrollment is limited and application-based.

Criteria for selection will include:

  • Ability to complete all requirements above--including session attendance and facilitation
  • Statement of interest
  • Satisfactory past performance*

*For returning Experienced TCs

The application window for the Fall 2019 Sheridan Teaching Consultant Program is now closed.

If you have questions about the Sheridan Teaching Consultant Program, please contact [email protected]