Proctors and Head Teaching Consultants

  • Chumie is a 6th year PhD Candidate in Religious Studies, subfield Religion and Critical Thought. Her dissertation brings together Jewish thought, theory of religion, and gender studies through an exploration of pious Jewish women's ritual practices. She holds a BA in Biology and Philosophy from Stern College for Women and an MA in Jewish Philosophy from Bernard Revel Graduate School.

  • Head Teaching Consultant

    Vidushi is a 5th-year Ph.D. candidate in the School of Engineering. Her research involves experimental and data science-based study on the impact of 2D nanomaterials on health and the environment. She is an international student from Mumbai, India, where she earned a B.Tech. in Chemical Technology. While at Brown she has received her M.S. in Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering as well as a Doctoral Certificate in Data Science, and has had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for courses in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. She has also been involved with the Brown pre-college program [email protected] and has acted as instructor for 2 years. She first began work with the Sheridan Center in 2018, and has since completed all their certificate programs, also acting as Teaching Consultant in 2019. She credits her work with them as responsible for an exponential growth in her skills as a teacher, and greatly looks forward to being a Head Teaching Consultant for the Center in the upcoming year. 

  • Head Teaching Consultant

    Alex is a Ph.D candidate of Pathobiology in Brown University’s department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology. His research focuses on the immune response to cancer where he hopes to identify and validate the use of novel cell surface coinhibitory receptors as sites of therapeutic intervention. Alex is excitable and passionate and these attributes spill through in the classroom. You may find him asking students to rearrange their desks to better facilitate community learning or an interesting icebreaker to lighten the mood. He has experience as a tutor, a teaching assistant, and as a participant in the many Sheridan Center certificate programs which has been a participant in since 2019. Alex values a good cup of black coffee, small group breakout sessions, and an anti-racist approach to teaching.

  • Sofia is a 4th year PhD Candidate in the Department of Slavic studies. She is an international student from Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she earned a BA and a MA in History of Art. Her research involves female representation in Soviet painting and poster art. At Brown she received her MA in Slavic Studies and TA-ed courses in Russian language and Russian Cinema. She has been involved with Sheridan since year one of her PhD and completed the Sheridan Teaching Seminar (Certificate I) and the Course Design Seminar Certificate, was an Assessment Proctor and a Teaching Consultant, and she looks forward to being a proctor again this semester.

  • Proctor

    Britt Threatt graduated from Rhodes College with BAs in English literature and theatre; she earned a MA in Africana Studies from Brown University in 2019 and is now pursuing her doctorate in the same program. Her research intersects performance studies, literary theory, monster theory, and women’s history. She studies slave legacies in Black women’s science fiction and fantasy. Britt began working with the Sheridan Center in Spring 2019 through their Teaching Certificate program and joined the Writing Center that Fall 2019 where she has worked since.