Problem Solving Fellows


The Problem Solving Fellows (PSFs) envision a Brown education and culture where student identities are respected, accepted, and uplifted in all learning environments within the University. 


We work towards a student experience in which meeting academic goals and maintaining good mental health not only coexist, but are mutually beneficial. We acknowledge the importance of individuality when solving problems. We aim to co-construct effective learning environments with students, faculty, staff, and administration where students develop the problem solving skills necessary to achieve both their educational and personal goals.

Problem Solving Fellows:

  • Inclusively develop teaching and problem solving skills for student educators (e.g. UTAs and Peer Tutors). 
  • Provide feedback to peers and faculty about their pedagogy and problem solving through teaching observations and consultations
  • Collaborate with faculty members and students to develop effective and inclusive learning environments
  • Design effective problems (e.g. homework sets, in-class problems) for courses in consultation with instructors and students
  • Bring in speakers with diverse ideas and identities to share how they teach and apply problem solving in their work
  • Investigate and report on how students and instructors problem solve and make teaching and learning decisions at Brown

A Brown Daily Herald article about this program can be found here.

Interested in becoming a Problem Solving Fellow?

Student Application  

Applications will open two weeks before the start of Fall and Spring term. Problem Solving Fellows are paid a stipend (link to stipend levels) for their work.

Required Qualifications

  • Completed the course UNIV 1110: The Theory and Practice of Problem Solving with a satisfactory grade 
  • Has at least one term of experience as a UTA or an equivalent position as a peer educator (e.g. tutor, peer mentor, etc. )
  • Can describe the importance of creating inclusive learning spaces
  • Can maintain a high level of confidentiality

Want to consult or collaborate with a PSF? Check out our PSF profiles and/or email [email protected]

Past and current PSF projects


Research that:

  • Informed the updated UTA Guidelines
  • Investigates decisions behind S/NC
  • Investigates decisions behind changing STEM concentration

Updated and created modules for UTA Orientation

PSF Program

Developed the vision and mission for the PSF program
Revised the PSF website and communication strategy
Designed and facilitated workshops related to problem solving


Provided feedback to participants in PSCDI


Conduct peer teaching observations


Interested in collaborating with a Problem Solving Fellow?

Instructor Interest Form

For more information or questions, please email [email protected]

Problem Solving Fellows have taught in the following courses:


0210, 0380, 0440, 0470, 0480, 0530


0330, 0360


0111, 0170, 0180, 0220, 1300, 1951R






0030, 0040, 0510, 1010, 1630, 1931Z


0100, 0600


0100, 0200, 0520, 1060, 1560


0010, 1020, 1030, 2060