Sheridan Center Advisory Board

The Sheridan Center is fortunate to have an Advisory Board consisting of Brown faculty members who represent their colleagues across the University. Since 1990, the Advisory Board has counseled Center staff on policy and direction. This enables the Center to remain responsive to the broad and complex needs of the Brown teaching and learning communities.

2018-19 Sheridan Advisory Board

  • Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou

    Public Health - Biostatistics, 2018-

  • Jonathan Conant

    History and Classics, 2018-

  • James Egan

    English, 2017-

  • Jeffrey Moser

    History of Art and Architecture, 2018-

  • Björn Sandstede

    applied mathematics, 2012-

  • Jane Sokolosky

    german studies, 2016-

  • Sharon Swartz

    biology and engineering, 2017-

  • Jay Tang

    Physics and Engineering, 2017-

  • Jan Tullis

    Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences, 2011-

  • Allan Tunkel

    Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education; Medicine and Medical Science, 2018-

  • Debbie Weinstein

    American Studies, 2017-

  • Rashid Zia

    Dean of the College, Engineering and Physics