Sheridan Center Advisory Groups

Provost's Faculty Teaching Fellows

The Provost's Faculty Teaching Fellows are a cohort of faculty who serve to enhance the culture of teaching and learning at Brown. For more information, please see the Provost's Faculty Teaching Fellows page.
  • Ruth Colwill (2020-23)

    Professor, Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences (CLPS)

    As a Provost's Faculty Teaching Fellow, Ruth is engaged in research about Canvas discussions to build new tools that will help enhance this pedagogical approach. In June 2021, Ruth was a panelist on the Sheridan Center roundtables, "How I Promote Deep Learning with Asynchronous Discussions" and "How I Reimagine my Courses with Educational Media." 

    "This program gave me the opportunity to take a step back and reflect critically about my teaching and the confidence and knowledge to try out new approaches with the support and expertise of a scholarly community deeply committed to inclusive pedagogy. My primary project focused on the development of scaffolds for prompted asynchronous online discussions to promote equity in the classroom.”

  • Sylvia Kuo (2020-23)

    Senior Lecturer in Economics

    Sylvia is using Gradescope data to analyze student performance in large economics classes, in order to develop new learning resources. She recently published an article, "The impact of distributed homework on student outcomes" in The International Review of Economics Education.

  • Monica Linden (2020-23)

    Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience

    Monica is a co-facilitator in the Seminar for Transformation around Anti-Racist Teaching (START). Monica also is part of the team that has developed and presented on the PULSE (Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education) diversity, equity, and inclusion rubric. She was a panelist in the July 2021 Sheridan Center roundtable, "How I Build Community."

    "The Provost Faculty Teaching Fellows Program has given me the opportunity to broaden the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion work across campus by providing me with a chance to co-create and co-facilitate the Seminar for Transformation Around Anti-Racist Teaching. I have fully appreciated the opportunity to work with colleagues from across campus and to build important relationships as part of this program.”

  • Patricia Sobral (2020-23)

    Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

    Patricia is a co-facilitator in the Seminar for Transformation around Anti-Racist Teaching (START), and in 2022, she was a panelist on the Sheridan Center roundtable, "How I Support Internationally-Identifying Students." In Fall 2022, she will be facilitating a faculty learning community for those who want to continue engagement with the START community.

    “Being a Provost’s Faculty Teaching Fellow has been an enriching experience on many fronts. I have had the opportunity to work with members of the Sheridan Center, Fellows, and colleagues in departments across the university and co-develop and facilitate the Seminar for Transformation Around Anti-Racist Teaching (START). These connections have allowed me to collaborate with others and dive deeply into innovative, student-centered, inclusive pedagogies. It has been a transformative and community-building experience that I will carry with me.”  

  • Jonathan (Jon) Readey (2020-23)

    Senior Lecturer in English & Associate Director of the Nonfiction Writing Program

    Working with Writing Center staff, Jon has created writing groups for faculty, bringing together instructors to build community and carve out time for scholarly work. 

    "Being a Provost's Faculty Teaching Fellow was one of my favorite activities that I’ve ever participated in at Brown.  I was able to collaborate with colleagues in the Sheridan Center to create an ongoing Faculty Writing Group that we hope has contributed--and will continue to contribute--to innovation, scholarship, and teaching at the university.  In the process, I made inspiring and powerful connections with other faculty and staff, Fellows, members of the Sheridan Center, and people across Brown that have deeply enriched and aided my teaching, advising, and scholarship at Brown.  I cannot recommend applying to the program highly enough, and I am certainly very glad that I did.”

  • James (Jim) Valles (2020-23)

    Professor, Physics

    Jim is a co-facilitator in the Seminar for Transformation around Anti-Racist Teaching (START), and in 2021, he gave a presentation for the Sheridan Center, titled, "Towards Anti-Racist Pedagogy." 

    "Being a fellow has meant developing meaningful relationships with other fellows, Sheridan Center staff, and instructors and students from across campus in the context of discussions of how to nurture the growth of our students.  It has also meant further developing my voice for conveying the value of practices that center all of our learners.”

  • Kellie Forrester (2022-24)

    Lecturer in Economics

  • David Williams (2022-24)

    Director for the Center for Health Equity Research, Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

  • Bradford Gibbs (2022-24)

    Urry and Comfort Family Lecturer in Economics

  • Emily Hipchen (2022-24)

    Director of Nonfiction Writing, Senior Lecturer in English

  • Jeremy Lehnen (2022-24)

    Interim Associate Director for World Languages and Cultures, Director of Brazil Initiative, Lecturer in Language Studies, Lecturer in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

  • Emily Kalejs Qazilbash (2022-24)

    Professor of Practice of Education

Additional Sheridan Center Advisors

  • Ron Aubert

    Interm Dean of the School of Public Health

  • Monica Martinez Wilhelmus

    Assistant Professor of Engineering