Campus Assessment Projects

With the addition of a professional assessment role at Sheridan, our capacity to support campus-wide assessment efforts has increased.

Currently, the Sheridan Center is working with the faculty and students participating in the Brown Learning Collaborative to collect data assessing the efficacy of our course design institutes and undergraduate problem solving and writing fellows courses in promoting effective writing and problem-solving skills.

The Sheridan Center is supporting the Dean of the College in the development of a revised course evaluation instrument. Details of this process are available on the Dean of the College's website.

During the Fall 2016 semester, we undertook a campus-wide study of the reasons students drop courses between the fifth and final weeks of the semester. An executive summary of those findings are available here.

We also provide support for Brown’s institutional HHMI grant in assessing the impact of course-based undergraduate research experiences on student learning and concentration decisions.

For all of our large-scale projects, we provide consultation to individual departments and instructors where sufficient data allows. Consultation is also available to discuss how to respond to findings from initiatives led by the Office of Institutional Research and other campus assessment partners.

To learn more about how the Sheridan Center can support your assessment project(s), please contact [email protected].