Examining the Ways Knowledge is Negotiated and Perceived by Engineers and Students on Interdisciplinary Projects

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Dr. Grace Panther will lead a dessert discussion about the negotiation of knowledge based on two research studies. The first study takes a system level approach to study how engineering knowledge is negotiated in a social setting. The findings show that navigating uncertainty was critical to participation in this specific knowledge system, although the practicing engineers never explicitly acknowledged that uncertainty was at the core of their interactions. While the findings here are especially interesting for engineering practice, Dr. Panther further explores how engineers and students differ in their application of knowledge through a second study that takes a more granular approach to identify how practicing engineers and students perceive the application of knowledge on an interdisciplinary project. The findings show that students and engineers differed in how they perceived knowledge as it is applied to project roles, knowledge boundaries, and challenges to their knowledge. Participants of the dessert discussion will engage in conversations around interdisciplinary knowledge. Please register for this event.