English Language Program

Thank you for your interest in the English Language Program. Please note that the Summer 2022 program is at capacity and registration is now closed. 

For additional programming and support for graduate students during the academic year, see the English Language Support page or email [email protected] with questions.


The English Language Program is a two-week summer pre-orientation program that aims to equip incoming international graduate students for whom English is not a primary language with the language skills to feel confident and successful in navigating their academic contexts. By the end of the program, participants will connect with their peers, staff, and university resources and services, practice social and academic English language skills in low-stakes contexts, and receive direct feedback from English Language Support.

The 2022 English Language Program will be held in person on campus 9:00 am-12:00 pm ET, Monday-Friday, August 8-19. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the program free? 

Yes! The English Language Program (ELP) is a free and optional summer pre-orientation program for incoming international graduate students. It is in collaboration with the Graduate School and part of the free programmatic and individual services provided by Writing and English Language Support (W&ELS) at Brown.

Materials, some lunches, and fees for any site visits will be provided. Participants should plan to secure their own housing and any transportation to and from the program site prior to the program start date. 

What topics are covered?

ELP focuses on the topics that international graduate students at Brown most often have questions about. These include everyday interactions such as small talk, colloquial language, and email communication, classroom interactions such as asking questions, discussions, presentations, learning strategies, and research and writing resources, and departmental and cross-campus interactions such as meeting with faculty/advisors and requesting and receiving feedback, and more!

Are there any assessments or grades?

No! Since ELP is a support program and not a course, there are no assessments or grades. There are, however, multiple speaking and writing opportunities where participants can collaborate with peers and receive direct feedback from ELS staff.

Can I participate even if I might not be able to attend all the sessions?

Because ELP is an interactive learning experience with a maximum capacity of 25 students, we ask that participants dedicate the time from 9:00 am-12:00 pm ET, Monday-Friday, August 8-19 to the program. We hope that this time frame provides flexibility outside of the program for other commitments. You are welcome to share any information that may support your participation in the program in the “optional” section of the registration form. Students who do not participate in the program may be interested in exploring other English Language Support options


Important Dates (in Eastern Time)

June 1 ELP registration closes

June 3 Invitations sent out

June 10 Deadline to confirm participation

August 8 ELP starts



Master’s and Ph.D. students in any discipline who are beginning their academic programs on campus in Summer or Fall 2022 can use this Google Form to register. Registration will close on June 1. Invitations will be sent via email on June 3. Invitees will be asked to confirm their participation in the program via email by June 10. If you are unable to access the Google Form or if you have any questions, please contact Jen Kim, Assistant Director of English Language Support, at [email protected]


2018 English Language Program participants working in groups