Excellence at Brown

E@B was more than just a pre-orientation program for me, it was a transformative experience that helped me adapt to the new environment, improve my writing abilities, familiarize me with the campus resources, and more importantly, made me feel welcomed at my new home on College Hill. Over the span of the short week of the program, I became friends with some of my closest friends today.
Bilial Lafta, '20

What is Excellence?

Excellence at Brown is a free, residential, writing-intensive program that orients incoming first-year students to Brown's academic and campus culture. Offered the week before General Orientation, the program includes five seminars taught by distinguished Brown professors from a range of academic disciplines. Reading assignments for each seminar serve as the basis for seminar discussions and short writing assignments. Morning reading groups and one-on-one writing consultations with Writing Associates at Brown's Writing Center help students to become familiar with critical thinking, drafting, and revising processes.

Excellence 2017 kicks-off on Saturday, August 26, and ends on Friday, September 1. General Orientation starts on Saturday, September 2. Classes begin on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

Excellence at Brown program participants

Pictured (left to right): Joseph Botros, Winnie Shao, Donovan Dennis, Ivy Brenneman, David Hernandez