Writing Associates

Writing Associates work one-on-one with undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and staff writers during 60-minute pre-scheduled appointments in the Writing Center. Associates come from all disciplines and are trained to work with writers across the curriculum. Additionally, associates are trained to employ a liberatory, non-hierarchical pedagogy of writing; they are also familiar with foundational writing theory and evidence-based practices for teaching and learning writing. Calls for applications are distributed through [email protected] and the graduate student listserv.

Writing Center Staff, 2020-21


STEM Staff 

  • Alexandra (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry)
  • Amanda (Neuroscience)
  • Amy (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
  • Anna (Public Health-Behavioral Health Sciences)
  • Anoop (Biology)
  • Anthony (Public Health-Behavioral Health Sciences)
  • Blessed (Medicine)
  • Len (Chemistry)
  • Meghan (Neuroscience)
  • Shanelle (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry)

Social Sciences Staff 

  • Alexandria (Africana Studies)
  • Alina (American Studies)
  • Amanda (History)
  • Beth (Anthropology)
  • Britt (Africana Studies)
  • Devon (History)
  • Devon (English)
  • Jessica (Anthropology)
  • Maggie (American Studies)
  • Sarah (History)
  • Wilton (Africana Studies)

Humanities Staff 

  • Atticus (French and Francophone Studies)
  • Emily (History of Art and Architecture)
  • Fiona (Classics)
  • Joe (Slavic Studies)
  • Josiah (Religious Studies)
  • Kevin (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)
  • Laura (History of Art and Architecture)
  • Mac (Classics)
  • Nick (Religious Studies)
  • Semilore (English)
  • Tara (Slavic Studies)