• Associate Provost


    Mary Wright is Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning, Executive Director of the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, and a Professor of Practice in the Department of Sociology. She is also a former president (2017-18) of the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education, the U.S. professional association for educational development.

  • Program Manager

    Nicole Williams is the Program Manager for the Science Center. In this role, Nicole manages the undergraduate New Scientist Collective and Catalyst program as well as the Women in Science and Engineering peer-mentoring programs. She also manages and supports a group of diverse student front desk staff.

  • Associate Director for Undergraduate STEM Development


    Christina Smith is the Associate Director for Undergraduate STEM Development at the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. She teaches a course on the "Theory and Teaching of Problem Solving" for the Brown Learning Collaborative and works with departments on undergraduate TA training and ongoing professional development. Christina also provides leadership for the Brown Catalyst and New Scientist Collective programs.

  • Assistant Director of Academic Tutoring


    Janet is responsible for all aspects of the Academic Tutoring Program and co-directs Excellence at Brown. 

  • Jessica Metzler

    Senior Associate Director


    Jessica received her Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in English Language and Literature from Cornell University, where her research focused on queer adolescence and narrative structure in the mid-twentieth-century U.S. novel.

  • Stacey Lawrence

    Associate Director for STEM Initiatives


    Stacey Lawrence is Associate Director for STEM Initiatives at the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. In this role, Stacey supports all members of Brown's STEM teaching and learning community by contributing to Sheridan Center programs and services.

  • English Language Support Specialist

    Jen Kim is the English Language Support Specialist at the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. Most recently, Jen lived abroad in South Korea where she worked as an Assistant Professor of English at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Prior to that, Jen worked as a Secondary English and English as a Second Language teacher in schools throughout the state of Rhode Island. Jen holds a B.A. in Communication from Rutgers University and an M.Ed in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Rhode Island College.

  • Anne Kerkian

    Associate Director for English Language Support


    Anne Kerkian earned her B.A. in English and Theater/Drama from Indiana University, and her M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from SIT Graduate Institute.

  • Associate Director (Assessment and Evaluation)


    Eric Kaldor is Associate Director at the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning with a focus on evidence-based teaching, learning and curriculum. He supports the assessment of student learning by departments and various university units using action-oriented approaches.

  • Assistant Director, The Writing Center

    Dr. Austin Jackson is Assistant Director of The Writing Center and Visiting Assistant Professor in the Nonfiction Writing Program.

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Data Science

    Dr. Linda Clark holds a joint appointment with the Sheridan Center and the Data Science Initiative at Brown.  Dr. Clark is responsible for developing an introductory Data Science Fluency undergraduate course, a Data Science Fellows course, and supporting the work of faculty integrating data science and data literacy into their classrooms. 

  • Assistant Director, Writing Center

    Charlie Carroll is Assistant Director of the Writing Center and Visiting Assistant Professor of History. He has worked with both the Writing Center and the Sheridan Center since 2014, where he has served as Writing Associate, Teaching Consultant (and as Head Teaching Consultant for Humanities and Social Sciences from 2018-2019), and Interdisciplinary Fellow in the Humanities. 

  • Administrative Manager


  • Administrative Coordinator